RAF Humanitarian Aid input

RAF Humanitarian Aid input

Alford Academy S3 Modern Studies  – RAF Humanitarian Aid Mission Challenge  

S3 Modern Studies pupils received an input today from Flight Lieutenant Morris of the Royal Air Force (RAF).

Pupils were given an insight into the variety of careers available within the RAF.  Flight Lieutenant Morris explained the important role of the RAF in Humanitarian Aid Missions across the world.

During the lesson the pupils were tasked with a scenario based challenge whereby they were given a mission brief that outlined that a (fictitious) Caribbean Island has been hit by a storm.  The Island’s emergency services were struggling under the pressure and much of the infrastructure had been destroyed.  The RAF were being deployed to coordinate the provision of aid throughout the country and work with the hospitals to deal with the casualties.

The pupils were tasked with a series of questions to assist the RAF in deploying a variety of aircraft and specialists to help with the Humanitarian Aid Mission on the Caribbean Island.  Through their answers the pupils decided what personnel, aircraft and resources should be deployed and were able to explain their reasoning.

The pupils fully engaged with the exercise and the feedback was positive.  Pupils asked a range of questions about the variety of careers available within the Royal Air Force.

Thank you to Flight Lieutenant Morris for coming into Alford Academy today.

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