Visit from Ben Sparham from Highland One World

Visit from Ben Sparham from Highland One World

Last week Social Studies pupils and the Eco-group were lucky enough to receive a visit from Ben Sparham from ‘Highland One World’.  He came to speak with the pupils to gain valuable information about their passions in life and how they relate to the Sustainable Development Goals.  They then decided which Global Development Goal was most important to them and produced vision statements to show how this goal could be achieved, especially in the Northern Cairngorms.  The Eco-group used this information and will include this in their Green Flag Action plan for 2023.  Alford is one of a small number of schools working on this project and Ben plans to work with the school to help the pupils and staff continue to inform future environmental and community projects in the Cairngorms in the future.

This video clip helps to explain the project Heritage Horizons: Cairngorms 2030 – YouTube

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