Fairtrade Fashion Show and Fair

Fairtrade Fashion Show and Fair

On Monday 20th March, the Eco-group ran a Fairtrade Fashion Show and Fair.  The event was promoting Fairtrade products, especially clothing and the issue with fast fashion and cotton production in developing countries. The clothes and other Fairtrade goods were provided by Fairtrade Formartine Fairtrade Formartine (formartinefairtrade.co.uk).  A group of pupils and staff volunteered to model a sample of the clothes in a catwalk show (music and lighting arranged by Mr Trueman) and the audience were also treated to a performance from Alford Academy Pipe Band.  After the show, the audience had the opportunity to browse and purchase Fairtrade goods.

On the theme of sustainability, the show also helped to promote a new scheme run by Mrs Munro and Mrs Taylor. Donations of formal wear have been given to the school and these can be borrowed by any school pupils for any occasion within or outside school.  The scheme helps with issues with the cost of living, allowing children to dress up for formal events and by re-using second hand clothes, we are doing our bit to reduce the amount of clothing that goes to landfill sites. The pupils and staff also modelled a sample of this clothing, and the audience had the opportunity to see which clothes were on offer.

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