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S1 Scientists are GO

S1 Scientists are GO

Well done to our budding S1 Scientists who have all graduated from their ‘Introductory Science’ topic.  We are almost finished the practical assessments which are to ensure our pupils have the skills and confidence to conduct practical experiments safely.

What have we been learning? Well we have been lighting Bunsen Burners safely, identifying hazard symbols, making crystals, burning magnesium and learning skills such as graph drawing and equipment diagrams.

It has been a busy term already but all pupils have a google classroom and all materials can be found here so they can recap their lessons and build on their knowledge.

Well done S1!

Running club is setting the pace

Running club is setting the pace

Running club has started again this term, we meet every Thursday after school (3pm – 3:45pm) and meet in PE. We are currently doing our own version of couch to 5km and are all just starting out again!  If you would like to join us all you need to do is speak to Mrs Rees-Jenkins in Science or go visit our Active schools team!

You can book in online:

Everyone is welcome and all abilities of walker to runner can join in 🙂

Run club is just fun and a great way to relax after a busy day!

Mrs Rees-Jenkins (Science)

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