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S1 Pupils learn lifesaving skills

S1 Pupils learn lifesaving skills

Paramedics from Scottish Ambulance Service came into Alford Academy today to teach pupils how to deal with a casualty who has suffered cardiac arrest.  The input was part of a series of scenarios S1 pupils have been going through with Guidance teachers called – ‘keeping yourself safe’.

The pupils learned how to –

  • check for danger to help keep themselves, the casualty, and bystanders safe.
  • check for a response from the casualty by shouting and gently shaking them.
  • shout for help & how to call 999 and what information is required.
  • check the casualty’s airways by looking into their mouths and opening their airway.
  • check for breathing by watching if their chest moves up and down & putting an ear above their lips and nose to hear if they are breathing.
  • check their circulation by looking at the colour of their skin.
  • perform chest compressions & use the defibrillator to help a casualty who has suffered cardiac arrest.

Pupils were able to put their learning into practice by using the manikins to perform this sequence.

Alford Academy would like to thank Scottish Ambulance Service for providing such fantastic, worthwhile and potentially lifesaving training to our S1 pupils.

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