Using Google Meet (Staff)

Using Google Meet (Staff)

Alford Academy uses Google Meet as its preferred online video conferening tool with partners and staff.

This page provides advice on how to join one of our meetings using a Chrome browser.  It is also possible to join via the mobile or tablet Google Meet App.

If you are sing a ‘Mac’, please note that meets do not currently work with Safari browser, and you will need to install Chrome or another suitable alternative.

We would also recomend the third party extension for Chrome called Grid View which allow you to see all meeting participants who share their video.  This can be found by clicking here


Users (External to Glow) joining a google meet

1.       Open Google Chrome (Step 2 is needed if the computer is shared with a young person who uses Glow Scotland)

2.       Open an incognito window by pressing Shirt + Ctrl + N (all together) – The use of an incognito window avoids any complication with pupils being logged on to the same computer

3.       Paste the meeting address into the chrome address bar and press enter.  If you just click the link sent it may try to open an non-incognito browser.

4.    When prompted enter your name, and if calling on behalf of a pupil, please put the pupils name and year in brackets after your own name)

i.e. John Smith (Mary Andrews S1)

If you do not provide your name you will not be connected to the meeting.

4.       Click “Ask to join”.

5.       You will see a prompt telling you that you join the call when sone one lets you in.  Please wait to be connected.

If it is not possible to connect you at that point in time you will get this message, and should try again a little later.




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