zHistory _Docs

zHistory _Docs

History Documents

This page contains details of the links to all the history documents stored on the school web server.

S1 Social Subjects

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Soc_S1/New Pupil work bookl.doc

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Soc_S1/Unit 1 The Creation of Scotland Updated.ppt


S2 History

Ancient Egypt

 Lesson: Egyptian life; Religion

PowerPoint Presentation

Egyptian Timeline


Mummification Vocabulary Quiz

The River Nile

subjects/hum/Hist_S2/Ancient Egypt/S2 information sheet gods task.doc

The Nile


 Ballad Worksheet 1: The Haughs of Cromdale:

Battle of Culloden Video:

Catholics vs

PowerPoint Presentation

Jacobites S2

Johnnie Cope

Lesson 12: The Jacobites and the Battle of Culloden


The Jacobites: Areas of Study

The Jacobites

Who are the Jacobites Worksheet

Who are the Jacobites Worksheet

PowerPoint Presentation

Who will figth for Bonnie Prince Charlie

Slide 1

S3 History


 subjects/hum/Hist_S3/Aztecs/The Aztecs/file/1 aztec history.docx

subjects/hum/Hist_S3/Aztecs/The Aztecs/file/2 Tenochtitlan.docx

subjects/hum/Hist_S3/Aztecs/The Aztecs/file/3 Aztec Technology.docx

subjects/hum/Hist_S3/Aztecs/The Aztecs/file/4 Aztec Warriors.docx

subjects/hum/Hist_S3/Aztecs/The Aztecs/file/5 Aztec Religion.docx

subjects/hum/Hist_S3/Aztecs/The Aztecs/file/6 whoes who.docx

subjects/hum/Hist_S3/Aztecs/The Aztecs/file/7 The Conquistadore2.docx

subjects/hum/Hist_S3/Aztecs/The Aztecs/file/8 The Invasion of the Aztec Empire.docx

subjects/hum/Hist_S3/Aztecs/The Aztecs/file/9 The Aftermath.docx

 S3 History: A meeting of two cultures – Aztecs and the Spanish

The City of Tenochtitlan

Aztec Technology:

Aztec Warriors

Aztec Religion:

The Invasion of the Aztec Empire

The Conquistadores

The Invasion of the Aztec Empire:

The Aftermath

Ancient Egypt Lesson Scheme:

What metals were the Aztecs unable to mass produce

 Evil people in history

  Ancient Egypt Lesson Scheme:

Midieval Kindom

 1066 and all that


Battle of Hastings

Part Two: Castles & Knights

David and the Normans in Scotland


Part Two: Castles & Knights

Siege Warfare


S4 History

 Generic Marking Instructions:


 Hitler and Nazi Germany, 1919–39 A study of attempts to establish democracy in Weimar Germany, the reasons for its collapse and the nature of the Nazi State

The Effects of WW1 on Germany

The Effects of WW1 on Germany

The Effects of WW1 on Germany

The Effects of WW1 on Germany

The Effects of WW1 on Germany

Slave Trade

 Slide 1

subjects/hum/Hist_S4/Slave Trade/Slave factory.pptx

Slide 1

Explain why the British Parliament voted to end the slave trade

Issue 1: An evaluation of the reasons for the development of the slave trade

History Higher

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Extended Essay Titles.doc


 PowerPoint Presentation

A Draw!

Richard vs. Saladin

Italian towns and the Crusade

Decline of the Crusading Ideal

Effects of the Crusade

The Leaders of the Crusade

Last Days of the Crusader States

Journey of the Crusaders Part 1: Barbarossa

Journey of the Crusaders Part 2: Richard and Philip

The siege of Acre

The March to Jaffa

Negotiations with Saladin

Internal Squabbles

 The Siege of Antioch

The Origins of the Crusades

The Road to Jerusalem

The Capture of Jerusalem

Why did the First Crusade Succeed

Causes of the Crusades part 2

Causes of the Crusade Part 2

Paper II questions

The First Crusade

The Princes Crusade

A Return to Nicea

Baldwin and Edessa

Why did Pope Urban call the First Crusade?


http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Crusades/powerpoint1/blank europe.bmp

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Crusades/powerpoint1/medieval euroe.bmp


Scottish Wars

Pupil Work

 How fully questions:

How Useful Questions:

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Pupil Work/sample answer – how useful.docx




 Chapter 1
http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/chapter 1/The Death of Alexander III.doc
http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/chapter 1/The Golden Age of Scotland.doc
Chapter 2
http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/chapter 2/The Treaty of Birgham.doc
Chapter 3
http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/chapter 3/Chapter 3.docx
Chapter 4
http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/chapter 4/Chapter 4.docx
Chapter 5
http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/chapter 5/Chapter 5.doc
Chapter 6
http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/chapter 6/Chapter 6.doc
Chapter 7
http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/chapter 7/Bannockburn.doc
Chapter 8
http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/chapter 8/Chapter 8.docx
Chapter 9
http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/chapter 9/Chapter 9.doc
Chapter Final

 Chapter 3: The Reign of King John Balliol

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/with pictures/Andy_Chapter_4.doc

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/with pictures/Andy_Chapter_6.doc

Chapter 8: The final stages of the War

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/with pictures/chapter 1.doc

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/with pictures/chapter 2.doc

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/with pictures/Chapter_5.Wallace_Murray.doc

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/with pictures/Chapter_7.doc

Chapter 9: Aftermath

 http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/with pictures/maps.ppt

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/with pictures/pol map scot.jpg

 The Death of Alexander III

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/Andy_Chapter_4.doc

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/Andy_Chapter_6.doc

Chapter 8: The final stages of the War

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/Chapter_5.Wallace_Murray.doc

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/Chapter_7.doc

Chapter 9: Aftermath

The Death of Alexander III

Hi Andy, to address your points

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/Kerr_edit-_Wars_of_Independence_Ch_1.doc

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/final/Kerr_Wars_of_Indep._Chapter_2_edit.doc


subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Textbook/Chapter 8.doc

Chroniclers: Scots author of Fabyan’s Chronicles

Contents List:

List of Chronicles:

List of images for Scottish Wars of independence:

Proposal for a new Higher History textbook on the Scottish Wars of Independence to meet the needs of the new national Higher c

Scottish Wars Images:

To develop a resource to support the delivery of Medieval History: The Scottish Wars of Independence 1286-1328 at Higher level

How fully …

Higher History Paper 2

Work to be done to finish the book:


 subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Bruce the military leader.doc

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/Extra Scots resistance + Bruce notes.docx

Slide 1

subjects/hum/Hist_H/Scottish Wars/Resources/How Bruce sought peace.doc

wallace and bruce

Generic Marking Instructions:

New Higher History Section 1:


History Advanced Higher


 subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Alba/6Scottish kingdom.doc

subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Alba/Lecture on unifying Scotland.doc

Question 5

subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Alba/Temporary camps.doc

Unity of Pict and Scot



 The opening section of the course descriptor describes the overall aims of the course as, ‘the study of the nature of Celtic a




 Section 3: Changing beliefs, including: different stages of conversion and the spread of Christianity, including:

Source A is from the Life of St Columba by Adomnan of Iona

Practice Christianity Questions

Source A is an extract from Bede; Ecclesiastical History of the English People:



Picts, Angles and Scots


http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Picts, angles and Scots/Britons/The Britons – Own Notes.doc

Images of Pictish Stones

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Picts, angles and Scots/images of Pictish Stones/class 1 stone.jpg

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Picts, angles and Scots/images of Pictish Stones/class 2 stone.jpg

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Picts, angles and Scots/images of Pictish Stones/class 3.jpg

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Picts, angles and Scots/images of Pictish Stones/class1a.jpg

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Picts, angles and Scots/images of Pictish Stones/class1b.jpg

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Picts, angles and Scots/images of Pictish Stones/class2a.jpg

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Picts, angles and Scots/images of Pictish Stones/class2b.jpg

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Picts, angles and Scots/images of Pictish Stones/class3a.jpg

http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Picts, angles and Scots/images of Pictish Stones/symbols_390.gif


 Question 4

Question 4

Advanced Higher History

Alford Academy History Department

Question 5

What evidence is there that a distinctive Pictish society emerged in Northern Britain in the post

Is there sufficient evidence to come to any firm conclusion as to the nature of Pictish society

Examine the changing relations between the Picts and their neighbours up to 800 AD

Question 4

Question 2

Source B – from Ecclesiastical History of the English People by Venerable St

SOURCE B from Surviving in Symbols by Martin Carver (2005)

How valid is Source B as a description of Pictish symbol stones

subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Picts, angles and Scots/Picts/Pupil Work/stone source.doc

Who were the Picts


subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Picts, angles and Scots/Picts/Resources/Pictish timeline.doc


 Question 3




Political Relations between Picts Scots and Britons






http://www.alfordacademy.aberdeenshire.sch.uk/subjects/hum/Hist_AH/pictures/mither tap.jpg


 Northern Britain from the Romans to AD1000

Higher History – Mock NAB


Evidence reveals peaceful Roman occupation of Scotland

subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Romans/Resources/Flavian 1.doc

subjects/hum/Hist_AH/Romans/Resources/Gask frontier.doc

Advanced Higher history:

Using the details provided by Tacitus, a moderate and perhaps more accurate account of the battle would be:

The Battle of Mons Grapius


 Essay Plan

Evidence of the impact of the Vikings on the Northern and Western Isles

The Threat of the Vikings and Eventual Conversion



Media In History

 10 00BC:

Lesson 1: History at the Movies – 4 periods

Lesson: Egyptian life; Religion

Egyptian Timeline

Name of Film:

Film Name:

Slide 1

S2 History Course Outline:

S2 Short Course: History in the Media


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