Mobile Technologies

Mobile Technologies

Mobile Technologies  


Pupils will be able to use mobile technology devices in school in order to assist in their learning. Mobile technology devices may be a school owned/provided or privately-owned smartphone, tablet, notebook / laptop or other technology that usually has the capability of utilising the school’s wireless network. The device then has access to the wider internet which may include the school’s/college’s learning platform and other cloud-based services such as email and data storage.  

The absolute key to considering the use of mobile technologies is that the children / young people, staff and wider school community understand that the primary purpose of having their personal device at school is educational and that this is irrespective of whether the device is school owned / provided or personally owned. The mobile technologies policy will sit alongside a range of polices including but not limited to the safeguarding policy, anti-bullying policy, policies around theft or malicious damage and the behaviour policy.  


Benefits of Mobile Technologies 


Research has highlighted the widespread uptake of mobile technologies amongst adults and children of all ages. Web-based tools and resources have changed the landscape of learning. Children / young people now have at their fingertips unlimited access to digital content, resources, experts, databases and communities of interest. By effectively maximizing the use of such resources, schools not only have the opportunity to deepen learning, but they can also develop digital literacy, fluency and citizenship in children / young people that will prepare them for the high-tech world in which they will live, learn and work.  


Personal devices 


When personal devices are permitted: 

  • All personal devices are restricted through filtered network access. 
  • Personal devices are brought into the school entirely at the risk of the owner and the decision to bring the device in to the school lies with the user (and their parents / carers) as does the liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the device in the school. 
  • Out with Glow, staff personal devices should not be used to contact children/young people or their families, nor should they be used to permanently store images of children/young peoples. 
  • The school accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of lost, stolen or damaged devices while at the school or on activities organised or undertaken by the school (the school recommends insurance is purchased to cover that device whilst out of the home). 
  • The school accepts no responsibility for any malfunction of a device due to changes made to the device while on the school network or whilst resolving any connectivity issues. 
  • The school recommends that the devices are made easily identifiable, have a protective case and are secured with a passcode or pin. 
  • The school is not responsible for the day to day maintenance or upkeep of the user’s personal device such as the charging of any device, the installation of software updates or the resolution of hardware issues. 
  • Personal devices should be charged before being brought to the school as the charging of personal devices may not be available during the school day. 

User Behaviour 

Users are expected to act responsibly, safely and respectfully in line with current acceptable use policies, in addition; 

  • The sending of abusive or inappropriate messages or content via mobile phones or personal devices is forbidden by any member of the school community and any breaches will be dealt with as part of the positive relationship policy and anti bullying policy. 
  • Guidance is made available by the school to users concerning where and when mobile devices may be used. 
  • Devices may not be used in tests or exams. 
  • Users are responsible for keeping their device up to date through software, security and app updates. The device has to be virus protected and should not be capable of passing on infections to the network. 
  • Users are responsible for charging their own devices and for protecting and looking after their devices while in the school. 
  • Devices must be in silent mode on campus. 
  • Users should be mindful of the age limits for app purchases and use and should ensure they read the terms and conditions before use. 
  • Children / young people must only photograph people with their permission and must only take pictures or videos that are required for a task or activity. All unnecessary images or videos will be deleted immediately. 
  • Devices may be used in lessons in accordance with teacher direction. 
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