Supporting the Next Generation of Scotland’s Teachers.

Supporting the Next Generation of Scotland’s Teachers.

Alford Academy has a long tradition of supporting teachers at all stages in their professional development and this includes those undertaken their Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in partnership with Universities across Scotland.

As part of their assessment, teachers undertaking their ITE would normally be visited by a University Tutor to observe their practice during one or more lessons.  Given the current restrictions and the national efforts to minimise unnecessary contacts and visitors to schools, these in person visits are being replaced, across Aberdeenshire, by a technological solution (IRIS Connect) which allows the lesson to be videoed, and uploaded to a secure site where the teacher, their school supporter and the teacher’s university tutor can review the lesson.  Once the review has taken place the footage is destroyed.

The recording will contain audio and as such may include your child’s name or voice.  Beyond audio and video, pupils personal details are not stored as part of this process and our dual public task of reducing the risk to our community from Covid, and supporting the next generation of teachers.

While pupils are not actively filmed, images of your child may be recorded as part of this process.

This notification is been sent to all parents, as your child may feature in one or more of these externally assessed lessons.

In the event that you have further questions about this, please get in contact via the school’s main email including IRIS connect in the subject line

Pupils (aged 12 or over) will be given a consent for them to complete.  Pupils without consent will not participate in recorded lessons.

In the event that any pupil is less than 12 years old a consent will be sent home.  A copy of the consent can be found here –>.  UOA IRIS Consent Letter Alford Academy

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