YPI Finalists 2016

A huge thank you to all the groups who made today a very interesting and enjoyable semi-final. From the 12 groups who presented today, we have the following groups moving forward to compete for the £3000 grant for the their chosen charities. In no particular order :

Archie Foundation – Katie, Katie,  Kayleigh, Cara, Emira

Dates + Mates – Tabby, Liam, Lucy, Sarah, Eve

Archway – Ashlee, Kat, Laura

Calico – Kira, Erin, Catriona

Penumbra – Ellen, Angela, Elvi,  Lauren


The groups mentioned will compete again on Wednesday 9th November in the Alford Academy YPI finals 2016 (event starts at 7pm – more details to follow). The winners will secure a £3000 grant for their chosen charity! download

YPI National Event 2016

2016 YPI (Youth Philanthropy Initiative) winners Jennifer Cowe and Antonia Lawrence at the National Celebration in event at the Perth Concert Hall. One pic with guest speaker, adventurer Mark Beaumont. 2016 winners Mark Beaumont 2016 winners perth hall

The girls were successful in winning £3000 for their chosen charity Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland. A total of £3029.41 sent to the charity this year. Well done girls!

Thursday 24th March 2016 – Charity Dress up / Dress down day

Thursday 24th March will be a dress up / dress down day to help raise money for local charities. A dedicated group of S5 pupils have been working hard to plan the event along with other mini-fundraisers on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th March. This is part of their long-term dedication to supporting social needs in the local area. These pupils have been part of the YPI (Youth Philanthropy Initiative) this academic session and are all keen to make sure that they carry on helping to support local charities.





Through their participation with the YPI programme each year, our S5 pupils have been helping charities receive a £3000 grant to help support the work they do to support those in need. Over £21,000 has been given to local charities over the past 7 years.


Please make sure you do your part and get involved today and tomorrow! There will be a teacher wax-off in DO-69 (Mr McEwan’s teaching room) on Thursday 24th at lunchtime. Come see your teachers in pain!


Former pupil Fin Sims, Creative Director and Producer of Finn Sims Films, has been helping to document the Murray Terrace Campus.  On Friday, the last day for the teaching staff in the ‘old’ building, Fin took some aerial ‘drone’ footage of both the old and new schools, as part of our documenting of this unique moment in history.  We would like to extend a huge thank you to Fin for his help, and look forward to seeing him in the new campus as we continue as a  learning community later this month.


A Moment in History

Like so many days before, today at Alford Academy has been filled with fun, laughter, joy, the occasional tear.  As we have sought to document this final week, and now final pupil day in the Murray Terrace Campus, we hope that you have enjoyed these brief glimpses into what life is like here are Alford Academy.  As the packing is now finalised, displays are taken down and the building falls silent, Those lucky enough to have been part of this building’s history will hopefully remember it full of life!  The heart of our school is its young people, and although they have now left for the final time, thankfully that same heart will be there when learning begins again on Thursday 29th October 2014 in our wonderful new Graystone Road Campus.