SQA Exam Timetable 2019

The 2018 exam diet is now over and our students have begun to work on their new courses for examination in 2019.  As we look forward to a productive years study, the SQA have now published the timetable for 2019, with exams starting on Thursday 25 April (Higher PE).

For full details of your 2019 exams, the timetable can be found at


Remember that we may adjust the start of end times of exams locally.


Daily Bulletin Friday 28 April

Exams and Displacements: Please note SQA exams start on Tuesday 2 May. Pupils must be very quiet when moving between classes. Many exams take place over break and lunchtime and some even beyond the end of the school day so each day pupils must look out for the SQA signs, check the plasma screens and listen carefully to the daily bulletin and avoid any areas of the building where exams are being held. This includes outside areas when exams taking place over break and lunchtime as noise carries particularly if the weather is warm and windows are open.

Study Areas: Pupils may study in the Dining Area, Library, the tables outside SLT offices and any research areas away from exam rooms.

Missing property from music: A pencil case belonging to a Music Instructor which contained items of specialist equipment was removed from a Practice Room on Tuesday.  The pencil case was last seen on a table near the “purple” stairs.  Until such time as the pencil case has been returned or the contents replaced, the Music Department Practice Rooms will not be available to pupils at lunchtimes or morning interval.  Any further information received about the missing pencil case will be treated in confidence.  All pupils are reminded that permission must be sought before a Practice Room or equipment can be used at any time and any misuse will result in this privilege being withdrawn.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh:  There will be a kit check on Tuesday 2nd May for Group 5, The Adventurers and Special Eight who are going out on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th May. Speak to your supervisor about where you are meeting and where you can leave your rucksacks during the day.  More information can be found on the DofE noticeboard. All group members must attend.

Daily Bulletin – Friday 13 January

Missing: a black & grey pen drive has gone missing.  If found please return to Reception.  Thank-you.

Exams and Displacements – Pupil are reminded that exams start on Monday and for the next 2 weeks pupils must listen carefully to bulletin announcements, check plasma screen for displacements and be aware of notices indicating rooms where exams are taking place. Pupils must be quiet moving to and from classes and should be aware that exams are also often taking place during breaks and lunchtime and therefore exam areas must be avoided at social times.

Netball: Girls who are playing in the S2 Netball match against Braidhurst on Monday 16th January should bring a packed lunch with them and leave class at 12.50pm to eat their lunch.  They must be changed into their kit and in the Hall for warm up at 1.15pm.

Career Interviews Monday 16th January- Please check paper bulletin for appointment times.

Celebrating Learning – PSE

The senior pupils have been reminded of the need to have an effective study plan for home study to support their learning at school. The recommended weekly commitment for home study is 10 hours minimum. Pupils and parents can organise home study plans using the following document:


Celebrating Learning – PSE

This week it is the turn of the Guidance team to share some of the work that we are doing. Our S4’s are focusing upon study skills . The pupils have been asked to consider their time and make best use of this outside of school. The pupils should be looking to study for at least 10 hours per week at home. Study plans have been issued. For more information on exams, course outlines, exam papers, marking schemes and much more, go to:



Scholar – Final Online Sessions before the exams

These are the final SCHOLAR online sessions for this academic year focusing on exam preparation. We are sending this out earlier than usual to accommodate students finishing shortly for exam leave:

National 5 Maths                                                           Monday 9th May              6.00pm

Higher Modern Languages                                          Monday 9th May              7.30 pm

Higher Math                                                                   Tuesday 10th May            6.00pm

Advanced Higher Modern Languages                       Tuesday 10th May            7.30 pm

Higher Computing Science                                          Wednesday 18th May      7.00pm

Full details can be found on the SCHOLAR website: http://scholar.hw.ac.uk/Resources/Live_Online_Sessions/


The Tutors will also be online to answer student questions on the discussion boards, details can be found: http://scholar.hw.ac.uk/Resources/Ask_a_Tutor.html



Margaret Ferguson, our online Maths tutor, recorded a short audio file crammed with top tips for Higher Maths revision and exam preparation. It’s linked on the front page of the SCHOLAR website http://scholar.hw.ac.uk/

Direct link: http://scholar.hw.ac.uk/Resources/Mathematics.html


In the Technical Requirements section of our website we’ve added a video on how to install Puffin Academy so that you can use the flash-based activities used in the SCHOLAR courses on mobile devices. http://scholar.hw.ac.uk/Information_About/Technical_requirements.html


Lookout for our new SCHOLAR English courses in new academic year.


best wishes

Carol Walker


Educational Technologist