Daily Bulletin – Friday 3 March

For those of you taking part in the psychology sleep and diet questionnaire, please come along to the PSE rooms today, Friday 3rd Feb, during lunch time.  Please bring your consent form along with you if not already handed in.

Rubik’s Cube Competition – There will be an interhouse Rubik’s Cube solving competition on Friday 17th March at lunchtime at the pupil entrance.  All competitors must be able to solve a Rubik’s cube as there will be a head to head competition.  Please sign up on sheets outside the PSE classrooms.

RGC & Albyn Invitational Cross – Country Championships Fri 17th March 17:  Due to the huge interest in competing for this event we will be holding our own “run-offs” to select the top 6 runners for each year group. These run-offs will be held as follows.

Tuesday 7th Feb: S1 & S2 Boys and Girls

Wednesday 8th Feb: S3 Boys & Girls

These run offs will take place at the beginning of Lunchtime. All runners should report to the PE changing rooms at 1.10pm. The distance will be 2 laps of the Campus. You may need a packed lunch or pre-order food for the day you are competing.

Exploring opportunities in Law: Wednesday 22 March 2017 11am-3pm.  The Aberdeen Law Project and Burness Paull Solicitors would like to invite S4 and S5 pupils to their upcoming exploring opportunities in Law event. Learn about studying Law at university, career options in law and the various areas of legal specialities. Gain an insight into what it is like to practise law with a tour of Burness Paull. If you are interested in attending please see your guidance teacher.

Daily Bulletin – Wednesday 8 February

Rubix Interhouse Competition – new dates: The interhouse competition will now run at lunchtime (1.20pm) on Tuesday 21st Feb at the pupil entrance.  All entrants must be able to solve the rubix cube.  There will be a fastest time challenge, and a speed battle. Sign up sheets can be found on the PSE room doors.

Duke of Edinburgh – BRONZE GROUP: The eighth afterschool session will be held on Thursday 9th February in D0-69 starting at 3pm and finishing by 4.30pm. If there are any problems please speak to Miss Shepherd (Room C1-34) before Thursday.

S5/6 Prefects: S4 Parents’ Evening 21st February.  Could all prefects who could help out at the S4 Parents’ Evening please write their name down on the sheet outside the SLT offices.  Thank-you.

Climate change affects the things you love.  This week, ahead of Valentines’ Day, come along to the Library at lunchtime and make a heart to share what you love.  Find out more at www.fortheloveof.org.

Daily Bulletin – Thursday 2 February

Rubik’s Cube Competition – There will be an interhouse Rubik’s Cube solving competition on Friday 17th of Feb at lunchtime at the pupil entrance.  All competitors must be able to solve a Rubik’s cube as there will be a head to head competition.  Please sign up on sheets outside the PSE classrooms.

S5 & 6 Pupils – Could all participants involved in the Psychological memory experiment please hand back your consent form as the experiment will run on Tues 7th February.

Football:  S1 boys’ football training will take place on Monday lunchtimes from 1.20-1.50pm.  This should take place outside on the astro pitch as long as the weather is good enough.  If not then it will be indoors.  Please bring footwear for both inside and outside (astro trainers).  Any questions then please see Mr McEwan.

Daily Bulletin – Friday 18 November

S1-S3 Pupils: Interhouse Table Hockey:  The Interhouse table hockey competition will take place on Tuesday 22nd at 1.20pm in the games hall.  Sign up sheets can be found on the PSE room door.  You must sign up before the end of the day on Monday.  House points will be awarded to everyone taking part, with extra for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Musical Theatre:  The Musical theatre group will now be rehearsing on Tuesday after school from 3:45-4:45 in A1-09, please bring a snack.  Pick up a consent form from Mr Trueman if you are interested. All new members are welcome.  We will be rehearsing a scene from Shrek the Musical.

Daily Bulletin – Thursday 30 June

Interhouse Cross Country:  would all pupils please remember to bring suitable clothing and footwear for the whole school interhouse cross country on Friday.  If you are not able to run the route, you will still be able to walk the route – everyone who takes part will be able to gain their house more points just by taking part, and you don’t have to finish in the top 3 – every person you overtake from other houses will mean more points for your own house.

Daily Bulletin – Wednesday 29 June

Displacement Thursday P1: Please note Mr McKinnie’s S3 PE class will be undertaking a classroom based lesson P1 Thursday. Please report to Room A1-09 (Miss Mitchell’s room) for registration at start of P1.

Careers Appointments today – Wednesday 29th June.  Please check paper bulletin for names and appointment times.

Interhouse Sports Day: All pupils should check the noticeboards outside the theatre for information about the Interhouse Sports Day which takes place tomorrow (Thursday 30 June), periods 3 – 5. The programme, team lists and changing areas for the event are posted on the board. It is very important that you know where you are changing as classrooms are being used.  Remember to wear your house colours.  Any queries see your house captain or Miss Macfarlane.

Edinburgh Fringe Trip – All pupils who are going on this trip must attend an important meeting today at 1:30pm in the Drama Studio.


Daily Bulletin – Monday 27 June

Astro Pitch: The Astro Pitch will not be open Tuesday lunchtime for Academy pupils as there will be a Primary football tournament taking place during this time.

Interhouse Charity Press Ups Challenge will take place at lunchtimes all week.  Junior and Senior pupils are encouraged to come to the pupil foyer and test how many press ups they can do in one minute for 50p.  All profits will be equally split between Save the Children and Macmillan Cancer support.  Each Junior and Senior winner will gain house points!

Interhouse Skittle challenge

At 1:40pm on Wednesday 11 May the school will be holding an Interhouse Skittle Challenge.  This will take the form of two competitions as follows…

Part 1
Houses are to form the longest continuous line of pupils (from their own house), with the pupils in height order.  At 1:50pm the longest line (with most pupils in the correct order)  will receive 100 house points, the second longest 75 and the third 50 points.  There will be no direction from staff other than where to form the lines.

Part 2
The end of each line will be given a bowl of skittles.  Each bowl containing the same number of skittles.
The bowl will then be passed from person to person down the line with each person being able to choose if they wish to eat some of the skittles or pass the bowl on to the next person.
The house with the most skittles remaining once the bowl has reached the other end of the line will win and be awarded 100 points, again with 75 and 50 for second and third place.

This competition is only being announced online, and there will be no further notices, so each house will need to spread the word among its members.

The decisions of the adjudicators will be final.

Alford Academy YPI finals 2015 – evening event

Alford Academy will host it’s annual YPI (Youth Philanthropy Initiative) finals evening this Thursday 12th November. The evening event will start at 7pm. 2 groups from each house will present on their chosen charity/social issue and the winning group will be presented with their cheque for £3000 for their chosen charity.

The event will be held in the new lecture theatre. Anyone who wants to come along to support and find out more about the issues our S5’s have been investigating  are welcome. The school will be accessible from 6.30pm onwards. Refreshments will be available after the event.

For more information, click on the following link: