Daily Bulletin – Thursday 20 August


All lockers must be emptied by you and clean by the end of lunch on Friday.  Please help the Janitorial team by resetting your locker code to 0000.

Once the lockers are all empty, we will share the link to request your locker for session 2020-2021.  This will be shared on the school blog on Friday evening.  The link will also be emailed to parents of S1 pupils with instructions and a link to a video explaining how to use the lockers.

Lockers will have been sanitised for your use and it is important that you only use a locker where you have received an email confirming your allocation.  From Monday onwards, if you have a problem with your locker (i.e. it won’t open with code 0000) you will need to show your confirmation email as proof that you are entitled to use the locker.

Lockers can be only be shared by members of the same household.

New Lockers

The lockers by the S6 study area are now ready for issue.  If any S6 pupil would like to swap their existing allocation for these new, and perhaps more conveniently located lockers, please speak to Mr Gardner by the end of the week.

Next week pupils on the reserve list should speak to Mr Gardner to choose new locker from those available (including by the S6 study area and by Art).

Any other pupils who wishes a locker should again speak to Mr Gardner next week.