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S1 Mathematicians are ‘blasting off’

S1 Mathematicians are ‘blasting off’

S1 pupils in Maths have had an excellent start to their academy journey and for the past three weeks have been taking part in a project centred around Black History Month and Space Week.  The pupils watched the film ‘Hidden Figures’ which is the story of 3 amazing black, female mathematicians who worked for NASA  in the 1950s, and their involvement in early space travel.  The pupils then carried out some research on one of the main characters in the film, or on Maths in the Past, Present and Future of Space Travel.

We have been really impressed with the conversations and understanding shown by the pupils, they have really engaged with the project, and we have had some really interesting responses to our questions about the film.

Pupils had a choice of how they wanted to present their research, and we have received a wide variety of, reports, powerpoints, posters and hand drawn artwork that pupils have used to share their research.  A small selection are shown below, we hope to find a way to share the learning wider after the October break.

Well done S1!!

Alford Alumni – Reaching out to ex Alford Academy pupils – Career Education

Alford Alumni – Reaching out to ex Alford Academy pupils – Career Education

At Alford Academy we are actively trying to improve our career education to inspire young people about their future careers. With so many new opportunities and pathways available to our young people, we are continually looking at ways to educate our pupils about jobs and careers throughout a variety of sectors.

We would like to use the expertise of our Parents and Carers to share their experiences, pathways and skills they use everyday in their careers to inspire the next generation.

At Alford Academy pupils have created a working group called “Alford Alumni”. They would be very interested in hearing the stories and pathways from ex Alford Academy students, to find out where they are today, what job they are currently doing and how they got there.

If you are an ex Alford Academy pupil and would like to take part, please complete the google form questionnaire which can be accessed via the link below.

We would really appreciate a short video clip, if willing, to share your pathways and perhaps talk about the following themes:

  • Your name, year you left Alford Academy – What House were you in at school.
  • What was your favourite subject and activities / clubs you enjoyed or attended at school?
  • What is your job title, what do you do and what skills do you use.
  • What was your career pathway that took you to this job.
  • What subjects and qualifications did you get at school.
  • How do you go about getting into this line of work.
  • What do you enjoy about your work.

We would share these with our pupils during Horizons – A new programme designed to enhance career education and future pathways.

If you are willing to create a video, please upload these via WeTransfer and send these to the following email address:

Instructions to upload to We Transfer can be found  here.

Many thanks for taking the time to be part of our Alford Alumni, we look forward to hearing about the career pathways of ex Alford pupils.

Alford Academy Pupils – 2021

Alford Academy S5 Horizons – A visit from the British Army

Alford Academy S5 Horizons – A visit from the British Army

Alford Academy hosted a visit from the British Army on Tuesday who delivered a variety of activities and experiences to our S5 Senior pupils. As part of our Horizons programme, the Army shared career opportunities available in the armed forces including: Electrical / Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Sports, Catering, Logistics, Construction, Telecommunication, Business/Admin and Training through Apprenticeships to enter a trade.

There were team building activities where our pupils designed and constructed a wheelbarrow to race through a slalom course. It was a fun activity where pupils worked closely with peers not necessarily in their friendship group. It was clear to see skills developing where communication and confidence grew as the task progressed.

A spokesperson for the Army stated: “This is one of the best schools we have worked with across Scotland. The pupils today were fully engaged, polite, listened well to the instructions and tackled all of the tasks”.

All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day. We witnessed pupils who were really apprehensive first thing in the morning but were laughing and joking with their team whilst getting the task done. The pupils certainly developed a range of key skills, transferable for the future.

Rotary Shoe box scheme

Rotary Shoe box scheme

Rotary Shoe Box Scheme 2021

This year the Interact club are collecting items to fill shoe boxes to send to disadvantaged adults and children in Eastern Europe.

This month (October) the club are trying to spread a little happiness with the rotary shoebox scheme.  We are sending full boxes after the holidays to countries such as the Ukraine, Romania and Moldova.

We will collect items during junior lunch on Tuesdays in B1-23 and senior lunch on a Wed in B1-20.  Please collect boxes during these times or drop off items to these places.  Or you can see Mrs Rees-Jenkins, Miss Lovelock and Mrs Fraser out with these times in Science.

We have added a picture of the leaflet showing suggestions of what to add in each box.

This website has more information about what you can put in the boxes:

We are looking to fill boxes for: babies, children, young adults and adults.

You should not put food, sweets, chocolate, drinks, battery operated items, items related to conflict, aerosols or anything living (seeds etc) into these boxes.  Please avoid anything sharp for the boxes for children.

We also need to add £2 for the delivery of each box if possible, please consider this in your donations 🙂

Thank you so much for you support

Alford Academy Interact Club

S1 Scientists are GO

S1 Scientists are GO

Well done to our budding S1 Scientists who have all graduated from their ‘Introductory Science’ topic.  We are almost finished the practical assessments which are to ensure our pupils have the skills and confidence to conduct practical experiments safely.

What have we been learning? Well we have been lighting Bunsen Burners safely, identifying hazard symbols, making crystals, burning magnesium and learning skills such as graph drawing and equipment diagrams.

It has been a busy term already but all pupils have a google classroom and all materials can be found here so they can recap their lessons and build on their knowledge.

Well done S1!

Running club is setting the pace

Running club is setting the pace

Running club has started again this term, we meet every Thursday after school (3pm – 3:45pm) and meet in PE. We are currently doing our own version of couch to 5km and are all just starting out again!  If you would like to join us all you need to do is speak to Mrs Rees-Jenkins in Science or go visit our Active schools team!

You can book in online:

Everyone is welcome and all abilities of walker to runner can join in 🙂

Run club is just fun and a great way to relax after a busy day!

Mrs Rees-Jenkins (Science)

Everything Electronic Youth Club

Everything Electronic Youth Club

Two linked virtual workshops this coming Wednesday 22nd September and 6 October which are all about how you plan and design a web-site to ensure its meets the needs of customers/users.  It is part of the European Meet and Code annual event.

It is highly relevant to those of your youngsters studying either a Business subject or Computing Science.

Wednesday @ 18:00: first of 2 virtual workshops suitable for anyone studying business studies or Computing Science.  No coding involved. Plan a website that is easy for customers to use & coders to code.  Book at:

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