Daily Bulletin – Thursday 3 October

Sponsored Walk 2019: A huge thank you to all the pupils who have handed in money so far – the total is sitting at £2,237. A special thank you to 4 pupils – Cara in S1, Hamish and Lewis in S2 and Jorja in S4 – who have raised an amazing £100 each – very well done! There are still a large number of pupils who have not yet handed in their sponsorship money so please try and do so before the end of this week. Money can be handed in to the School office or put in an envelope with pupil name on front and posted in the Pupil Drop Box beside the Guidance offices. Thank you!

Under 14 Boys Football:  Our next match is today away to Meldrum Academy, departing 2.50pm sharp.  Please collect a consent form and sign your availability on the sign-up sheet outside guidance ASAP, if you have not already done so.          

Musical Theatre will be cancelled on Tuesday 8th October due to a staff meeting. Apologies in advance.

Today is National Poetry Day. Hopefully you will get a chance to think about this year’s theme of truth and create a poem around that idea during the course of your day. If not, feel free to have a go yourself and pop it in to D1-46.


If we can’t trust the news

That we read

Or hear

Or watch

Are we not as well

to switch off devices

and listen to the beat

of our own hearts?

Maybe a voice will come

out of the silence.

Anna Frater 2017

Student Council: Could all Student Council members please meet in the Theatre at 1.30pm sharp in full school uniform for a photo.

Daily Bulletin – Monday 30 September

Sponsored Walk: Please remember that all sponsored walk money must be handed in by the October holidays. To date 53 pupils have handed in sponsorship totalling just over £1500. The expectation is that all pupils taking part should be collecting sponsorship or making a donation to this key fundraising event. Please help us raise money for the School Fund which supports trips, events and activities for pupils throughout the year and charities nominated by Interact pupils by making your contribution. Money/cheques can go in the pupil drop box in a sealed envelope with pupil name on outside or be handed in to the school office. Thank you for your support.

S4-S6:  Writing Competition: Any budding poets aged 16-18 years old? You have the chance to enter The Christopher Tower Poetry Competition 2020.

It is completely free to enter, and every entry is read and judged anonymously by a panel of successful contemporary poets. This year’s them is ‘Trees’.

First prize is £3000, second is £1500 and third is £500.  There are also three runner-up prizes of £250 each.  Please see Mrs Rae if you are interested.

S1-S6:  What do you want to do when you leave school?

If you don’t know why not come and find out about different careers.

Career talks in the library at 1:30pm.  All welcome.

Mon 30th Sept         -Thinking about medicine? (Kyle Michie)

Tues 1st Oct            – Pharmaceutical industry (Lisa Wilkie)

Wed 2nd Oct            – Construction (Colin Crombie)

Thurs 3rd Oct          – Midwifery (Sophie Poole) / Childcare (Lianne Robertson)

Fri 4th Oct               – GP (Monica Iloya) / NHS nursing (Fiona Mitchell)

Daily Bulletin – Thursday 19 September

Sponsored Walk 2019 – Information for Friday

All Pupils S1-S6:

At time of writing, weather forecast for Friday is good and we are intending on going ahead with the walk.

S1-S5 Pupils: On Friday, please go to your normal SDA classroom to register for 08:40 prompt. You will be given a walker card and bus ticket and wait in that room until your class is advised by tannoy to report to bus.

S6 Pupils: Please report to Dining Hall at 08:40 prompt to register and pick up Patrol packs. Any other queries/changes please see Miss McIver today (Thursday). If on a patrol point, please remember to take a camping chair.


It is important that all pupils (including S6) dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Wear layers, trainers/boots with thick soles and bring a warm top/hoodie and a waterproof jacket. There are no toilets in the forest so be prepared. Remember to take snacks and water/juice to drink or take money to buy brownies/sweets. If you have an epi pen or inhaler you must carry it with you.

Non Walkers: Please register in your SDA class first, you will then be asked to report to C1-33 to study P1/2 (Mrs Munro). Remember to wear your uniform and have your textbooks and work from teachers as outlined in your non walker timetable.  Any pupil that didn’t get their non walker timetable in their SDA class on Tuesday please collect it from reception today.

Young Enterprise: There will be a meeting for all participants in Room C1-31 on Monday 23rd September 2019 at 1.30pm. Please regularly review the Young Enterprise class on Google Classroom for any updates on the programme.



Daily Bulletin – Thursday 29 September

Sponsored Walk Fundraising Update: Well done to all pupils that have donated – over £1500 has now been raised.  However many pupils have still to hand in their sponsorship money. Please could you remember to collect your money and return it to school as soon as possible. All payments – cheques and cash – should be placed in a sealed envelope with the pupil’s name, MEL group and the words SPONSORED WALK clearly marked on the outside of the envelope. Envelopes can then be placed in the pupil drop box outside Guidance offices. All Sponsored Walk money must be handed in before the October holidays. Thank you for your support!

Fire Doors: If you see a door with a blue circle saying fire door this means that it needs to be kept shut and should never be left open. Please look out for fire doors in the building and if you see an open one please shut it. The double doors leading into the wings are all fire doors so when going to classes if you are the last person through the door you need to shut it behind you. This is really important and could save lives by preventing the rapid spread of fire. Thank you.

Displacement Friday (advance notice) – Period 1 S2 CDT Mr Williamson displaced to C1-28.

A black North Face soft shell jacket went missing from under that stairs by the Canteen on Monday lunch time.  If anybody knows of the whereabouts of this jacket please hand it in to reception.

Did you complete your Bronze qualifying expedition earlier this month?

Have you delivered your presentation to your Supervisor?

Have you had your Bronze Award signed off?

If so, you are eligible to participate in the Silver DofE Award group at Alford Academy.  Names should be given to Mrs McDonald by Tuesday 4th October!


Daily Bulletin – Monday 26 September

Sponsored Walk Fundraising Update: Congratulations to all pupils that have donated – over £1000 was collected last week. Can we double that for this week? Remember the money raised will go to very good causes.  All Sponsored Walk money must be handed in before the October holidays. Thank you for your support!

Thinking about course choices (school or university/college) or your future career? Come along to the Alford Academy Careers Evening on Tuesday 4 October from 6-8 pm where you can meet people from business, college and university who can help you plan for your future.

Career Interviews – These are taking place Monday 26th September and Tuesday 27th September.  Please check paper bulletin for appointment times.

S5/6:  There will be no UCAS lunch group today as Mr Findlay is not in school.

S3 PE Elective pupils – IMPORTANT REMINDER: Your swimming block starts tomorrow (Tuesday 27th)

3F – period 2,  3L –  period 5

Please register at the pool, not PE!

Duke of Edinburgh – new Bronze group:  Any S3 pupil who wishes to participate in the Bronze DofE Award at Alford Academy this session must attend a short meeting today Monday 26th September (Room C134) starting promptly at 1.15pm.                      

S2/3 – U15s Football:  Training this week will be on Wednesday at lunch time at PE.

Young Engineers is cancelled this week.  We hope to be back next Tuesday 4th .

Piano Recital Evening – Tickets for the Piano Recital Evening priced £3 will be on sale from 1.45 – 1.55 outside the pupil entrance each day next week.  The concert takes place at 7pm on Monday 3rd October.

BBC School News Report 2017:   We are looking for enthusiastic pupils to take part in the school report next year.  This is a national event run by the BBC, which involves young people researching, creating and presenting news reports, which are to be aired on 16th March 2017.  Participation can offer many rewards, from insights to the various careers surrounding reporting, to volunteering opportunities for those looking for a mentor role and it is an excellent addition to any UCAS application.  Further information can be found by visiting BBC school report website.  If interested, please attend a short meeting in room D1-44 on Wednesday 28th September at 1.30pm.


Daily Bulletin – Wednesday 14 September

Sponsored Walk 2016 – Information for Thursday

All S1-S5 Pupils: Register at Pupil Foyer from 08:15 am onwards, then once registered report to relevant bus room from 08:40 am.

S6 Pupils: Register with Miss McIver outside SLT offices from 08:15 am. Also please see info for S6s posted up on Miss McIver’s office window from today. Any queries see Miss McIver.

Walkers: At time of writing, weather forecast for Thursday is good and current plan is for walk to go ahead tomorrow.

It is important that pupils dress appropriately for the walk tomorrow. Wear layers and bring a warm top/hoodie and a waterproof jacket. Wear boots or trainers with thick soles. There are no toilets in the forest so be prepared. Remember to take snacks and something to drink or take money to buy food – there will be soup, stovies and sweets to buy on the walk (but your NEC card will not work so you need cash!).  All pupils must check-in in the Pupil Entrance Foyer on return to school. Pupils remaining in school to the end of the day and pupils to be collected by parents will be allocated a classroom to wait in.

Non Walkers: If you have not handed in a consent form or a request for absence then it is assumed that you will be in school studying. You should have received a non-walker timetable and have gone round teachers to request work. If you have not completed that yet please see your teachers today and ask for work/study to be undertaken in school tomorrow. If you are taking part in the walk but have not yet handed in a consent form please see Miss McIver immediately.

Prefects and Senior Prefects: Meeting of all Prefects and Senior Prefects this Friday at lunchtime in the PSE Rooms.  Lunch is provided and attendance is essential.

Student Council: There will be a Student Council meeting today in Mr Findlay’s PSE Room. All members must attend.

Daily Bulletin – Friday 2 September

Sponsored Walk Consent Forms: Please remember to post your completed consent form in the pupil drop box today. If you have lost your form and need a copy, please get one from blue tray outside SLT offices, take it home for signature and return it to the pupil drop box first thing Monday morning. All pupils need consent to go out on the walk. Any pupils who do not have consent will be in school studying on sponsored walk day

S2-3 Boys U15s Football:  All players should attend training on Monday lunchtime next week. Please note change of day due to astro being closed next Tuesday. Please bring indoor and outdoor footwear.

Piano players: All pupils who play the piano, please attend a very short meeting on Monday at 10.20am in A-1-08. (Please attend even if you do not receive school lessons.)

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh: There will be a meeting for the second 3 Bronze Groups (out on their qualifying expedition on 11th/12th September) on Friday morning break in D061.  This includes the teams Team Pickles, Not Lost Yet and Lad Team 7.  Important information will be distributed at this meeting.  It is vital that ALL team members attend.

Daily Bulletin – Thursday 1 September

Sponsored Walk Consent Forms: All consent forms must be handed in by end of day on Friday. Spare copies of forms are on the desk outside Miss McIver’s office (SLT offices). If you have not put back your consent form, pick up a spare today and return the signed copy tomorrow. Thank you!

SASSA S2 Boys Football: All S2 boys who signed up for the SASSA Football Team please attend trials at lunchtime on Wednesday 7th September. Trials will start at 13.20.