Alford Academy have recently subscribed to Achieve, an online revision platform from Hashtag learning which students can sign up to at using their Glow email address ending in and entering the School Code TW6zjZDX.

Achieve provides revision materials and activities for a range of National 5 and Higher courses.

For each course, Achieve offers three main areas of support:

Learn: Using Learn – ACHIEVE (

This breaks down the course to individual concepts, each of which comes with a concise explanation or example of the concept, links to further learning, extended questions and activities and links to past paper questions related to that concept.

Assess: Using Assess – ACHIEVE (

ACHIEVE has a built-in assessment engine with thousands of practice questions linked to each concept. Pupils can opt to make their own assessment on a Unit or Topic of their choosing, with instant feedback given on completion. Teaching staff may also choose to create and administer assessments for whole classes. Self-

Evaluate: Using Self-evaluate – ACHIEVE (

Pupils can record their confidence against each concept in a course in order to build up an overview of strengths and weaknesses by Unit and by Topics. Class teachers can access this info for individual pupils and whole classes and use it as a tool to help identify areas where additional support or teaching may be required.

Further information can be found in the Pupil Help Guide.


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