Parent Council

Welcome to the Alford Academy Parent Council.

The next Alford Academy Parent Council meeting will be held on Monday 18th January at 7pm via Teams (details of how to join will be sent nearer the meeting date). The Agenda can be found here.

Our main page with information is on the school website.  Click here.

Below is a list of all the latest agendas and minutes.

Session 2020-21

November 18th 2020 Agenda Minutes

September 15th 2020 AGM Minutes

Session 2019 – 2020

January 21st 2020 Agenda    Minutes

November 13th 2019 Agenda    Minutes

September 16th 2019 AGM Agenda    Minutes

August 26th 2019 Agenda    Minutes

Session 2018 – 2019

June 19th 2019   Agenda Minutes

May 14th 2019   Agenda  Minutes

March 18th 2019    Agenda  Minutes

January 23rd 2019    Agenda    Minutes revised

November 6th 2018  Agenda    Minutes

September 17th 2018 AGM Agenda  Minutes

August 27th 2018  Notes  from meeting

Session 2017 – 2018

June 20th 2018  Agenda    Minutes

May 15th 2018  Agenda    Minutes

March 19th 2018   Agenda    Minutes

January 22nd 2018 Agenda    Minutes

November 8th 2017  Agenda    Minutes

September 18th 2017 AGM Agenda    Minutes

Session 2016 – 2017

June 14th 2017 Agenda    Minutes

May 8th 2017  Agenda    Minutes

March 6th 2017   Agenda    Minutes

December 5th 2016    Agenda    Minutes

September 19th 2016 AGM  Agenda    Minutes

June 6th 2016 Agenda    Minutes

March 20th 2016  Agenda    Minutes

January 25th 2016 Agenda    Minutes