Assessment Overview 23-24

Assessment Overview 23-24

At Alford Academy we offer a wide range of SQA National Qualifications courses that all have slightly different assessment patterns.  Some assessments carried out in class will be check tests to provide pupils with information on their progress, other pieces of work will contribute to the overall grade in a course. All specific dates for courses will continue to be posted on Google Classroom by class teachers.

Each course is made up differently depending on the nature of the qualification.  This year the SQA has reintroduced many of the course components that were removed due to the Covid pandemic.  To provide you with an overview of what each course is made up of and what key dates there are in each of the courses you can download either an Excel spreadsheet (which can be filtered by course and level) or alternatively a pdf version which provides information on all the courses offered at Alford Academy at all levels.

The following video provides an explanation on the changes to the SQA National Qualifications, information on key websites and how to use the excel spreadsheet to filter the information.

SQA Course Overview Video

Assessment Calendar 23-24 Excel Spreadsheet

Assessment Calendar 23-24 pdf


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