Supporting Learning

Supporting Learning

Guides to explain learning at Alford Academy.

A Guide to Alford Lessons and Learning – What we expect from our teachers, what we encourage in our learners and how we expect lessons to be structured.

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria – This guide is aimed at ensuring all members of our learning community understand the importance of Learning Intentions, Learning Contexts and Success Criteria, and have a shared vocabulary and understanding of their use within Alford Academy

Top 10 Disruptors to Learning – The teachers Top 10 things that get in the way of learning, teaching and assessment, and how we will respond to these.

Internal Verification – How we maintain high standards when it comes to assessments in both the Broad Genreal Education (S1-3) and in the Senior Phase.

For Parents:

To help you support your children in making the best possible progress in their learning, the following links and resources may be helpful. Some will help you understand the approaches we take and some will provide you with information which you can use to directly support your child. We can best serve our young people when we have a common understanding of the expectations and language of education.

Parent and Carer Info – Information on the restorative approaches we use to support positive relationships and positive behaviour.

Engagement Guide – How we quantify your child’s engagement in their learning, and some of the approaches we take to increase this. 

Learning During Adverse Weather Policy – When it snows, here is what we say about getting out into the fresh air and keeping your learning on track.

SQA Internal Assessment Appeals Procedures – The approach we will take when you think we have got an assessment judgement wrong.  Note this only applies to internal assessments.

From National Parent Forum Scotland

In a Nutshell Series – A range of documents telling you just enough information about a range of issues, ranging from specific qualifications including National 4, 5 and Higher, Additional Support for Learning and even one to support Armed forces families transition to Scotland.

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