Useful information for prospective parents

Enrolment of new pupils

Mr Graham Scott, Depute Head Teacher (Pupil Support), co-ordinates the enrolment of all new pupils.

Prospective parents can contact the School Office and request an appointment to come and visit the school with their child, to meet with Mr Scott. During this visit you will get a tour of the school and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss any particular needs for your child.

Mr Scott coordinates all enrolment procedures, following on from this initial visit. In cases where additional resources are required to support a pupil, Mr Scott works closely with Miss Fiona Murray, Principal Teacher (Support for Learning) and/or with the Local Authority, as appropriate.

Our catchment area

For all advice and information on school catchment/zones go to:


Children who live within the school catchment zone are automatically entitled to a place in school. Please use the zone map to check whether or not you live within the Alford Academy catchment area.

If you live out with the zone, the Education (School and Placing Information) (Scotland) Regulations 2012 allow you to seek admission to the school. The main points to note are that out of zone admissions are not guaranteed, and pupils out of zone are not entitled to free transport.

Further “out of zone” information

All Aberdeenshire schools serve a local ‘zone’. Pupils will automatically be accepted at the school within their ‘zone’. However, parents have the right to request that their child attends a school in another ‘zone’ if they wish (without giving any particular reason) and Aberdeenshire Council will, where possible, agree to this request. For further information relating to school admissions and placing requests, please follow the links below.



Please note this second link includes forms for completion. These can also be obtained from the school or from the area office.

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