Accessible Technology

Accessible Technology

A small group of S2 pupils have created some short videos clips explaining how to use accessible technology to help support you in your learning.  These tools help make reading and writing text easier. They can also help with spelling and when researching topics.  EVERYONE can use them to help make learning a little easier.  Click the videos below to find out how and give them a go!

Talk to Text:

These tools help you dictate what you want to type into the computer.

Voice Typing in Google Documents


Talk to Text Using Read and Write

You will need to open your Read and Write Toolbar which is found in the extensions menu in Chrome. It is a small purple jigsaw piece.


Read Aloud Functions:

These tools help text be read aloud on different devices.

Read Aloud using Read and Write

Open your Read and Write Toolbar from the extensions menu in Chrome.  It is a small purple jigsaw icon.


Read Aloud on an iPad

Check that the Speech functions are turned on in the settings / accessibility menu.


Read Aloud on a webpage

To read aloud on a webpage you just need to highlight what you want to listen to on the website.  Right click on your mouse and then select Read Aloud from the menu.

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