Wednesday display

We too are joining the craze! Come and browse our Wednesday display.

Mrs BM

Genrefying of the Young Adult section

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to start the new term.

Looking for your perfect book couldn’t be easier now as I have genrefied our Young Adult section during the Christmas holidays. Young Adult reads are dedicated to young people of age 11+.

We have: Adventure and Action, Chick Lit, Contemporary Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopia, Humour, Horror, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Romance and Thriller genres.

(You can find the link to Genres explanation in the library Virtual Books Displays section).

We also have the New Arrivals display and a separate audiobook display, as always located by the main door.

Happy browsing and happy reading!

Mrs BM

Christmas window art competition

Thank you to all pupils who took part in our competition. I am happy to announce that Juliet and Katie are the winners. They will both be presented with prizes on Monday. Thanks to them, and some other pupils who decided to join in the window decoration just for fun, our library looks nice and festive.

Mrs BM


Book Speed Dating

We held Book Speed dating with our first and second years and I am happy to say they were a success! Many pupils found their dream ‘match’ and took them on a ‘date’.

This activity let pupils explore books and genres which would not necessarily be their first choice.

I was delighted to see the young people truly engaged in this activity.

Mrs BM











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