Evil Mr Walker Kahoot

Join us for the event of the term on Wednesday 20th March at 1.15 in the library.

Poster created by Leah R.

Hot Chocolate and Christmas Kahoot event

Join us for a spot of hot chocolate and a Christmas kahoot during the last lunch break of the term on 22nd December at 1.30.

The tickets are available to be collected from the library.

Ava and Amelia’s Book Displays

Our s1 pupils Ava and Amelia created their book displays in the library as a prize in our Book Tweet competition. I am very proud of them both, They did an excellent job!

S1 Parents’ Open Door Evening

On Wednesday 11th November I was thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all of the S1 pupils and their parents/carers for our much-anticipated Parents Open Door Evening. This event was a valuable opportunity for us to strengthen the partnership between our school and the wonderful families that make up our community.

Our s1 students were very proud to display some of their library projects.

Halloween Book Tasting

In October we held Halloween Book Tasting with our S2 pupils.

Like food critics, our S2 students were invited to rate and review the books they sampled.

Just like trying a variety of dishes at a restaurant, the book tasting allowed our pupils to sample a diverse range of Mystery, Thriller and Horror books and discover what suits their reading appetite. It was an opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and explore genres, authors, and stories they might not have considered before.

Mrs BM

Summer Reading 2023

Summer Reading is back! There are some awesome prizes to be won, so don’t hesitate, just borrow and read! For more info pop down to the library or follow the link below:

Summer Reading 2023 – Live, Life Aberdeenshire (

There is also a creative competition and this year’s theme is diversity. Here’s the link for the form: Creative Competition ( or you can collect one in the library.

Mrs BM

Read for Good Readathon

I am announcing with excitement that in collaboration with our English Department and its first-year pupils we have launched a Read for Good Readathon!

What is Readathon?

Readathon is a simple sponsored read in which pupils choose exactly what they want to read in their spare time and ask friends and families to sponsor them to see how much they can read in a few weeks. The money raised helps seriously ill children in hospitals and also 20% of the raised funds gets back to the school in a form of a book voucher.

Study finds that regardless of gender, age group or whether or not they received free school meals, pupils who had taken part in a Readathon:

  • Enjoy reading more
  • Are more likely to read something in their free time daily
  • Read a wider variety of materials in their free time
  • Are more likely to agree that reading is cool
  • Are more likely to carry on reading even when they find it difficult
  • Are more likely to use the school library
  • Almost half of children on Free School Meals said they read more often having taken part in Readathon
  • Have higher life satisfaction scores – they are happier!
  • And 60% of all children surveyed said that pupils would read more if it raised money for children in hospital.

For more details or to sponsor a pupil, please go to Read for Good – Readathon Portal.

Keep reading, keep raising, keep being amazing!

Mrs B. M.


Young Adult section Genrification

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to start the new term.

Looking for your perfect book couldn’t be easier now as I have genrefied our Young Adult section during the Christmas holidays. Young Adult reads are dedicated to young people of age 11+.

We have: Adventure and Action, Chick Lit, Contemporary Fiction, Fantasy, Dystopia, Humour, Horror, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Romance and Thriller genres.

(You can find the link to Genres explanation in the library Virtual Books Displays section).

We also have the New Arrivals display and a separate audiobook display, as always located by the main door.

Happy browsing and happy reading!

Mrs BM

Christmas window art competition

Thank you to all pupils who took part in our competition. I am happy to announce that Juliet and Katie are the winners. They will both be presented with prizes on Monday. Thanks to them, and some other pupils who decided to join in the window decoration just for fun, our library looks nice and festive.

Mrs BM


Book Speed Dating

We held Book Speed dating with our first and second years and I am happy to say they were a success! Many pupils found their dream ‘match’ and took them on a ‘date’.

This activity let pupils explore books and genres which would not necessarily be their first choice.

I was delighted to see the young people truly engaged in this activity.

Mrs BM











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