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Daily Bulletin – Wednesday 25 May

Daily Bulletin – Wednesday 25 May

S1-S3 Summer Dance/Ceilidh Monday 30th May 7-9 pm

Tickets are £5 and will go on sale from lunchtime today from 1:30-1:55 at the pupil entrance. Pupils can pay for their ticket by cash (please have exact change) or cheque (made payable to Alford Academy). This will cover the cost of the ceilidh band and disco, juice and snacks. The dress code is informal.

Debating Club

Introductory session for S1-S3 only this Friday lunchtime at 1:25 pm in D0-65 (please bring lunch) with Mr Ryland and Mrs Niven.



Daily Bulletin – Monday 23 May

Daily Bulletin – Monday 23 May

For all pupils going on RNAS Mackie’s Education Day – Monday 30th May.


You are expected to go to your class for the start of period 1 and be registered there. Then at 9am meet in the school reception area where you will be taken to the bus by your teacher leaders.

Do not go to the bus park first.


You are expected to attend in full school uniform, not sweatshirts/ joggers/leggings. Please make sure you bring a waterproof jacket with you as you are outside all day, and it may rain.


Please note you will be provided with lunch at the farm. If you prefer you can bring a packed lunch, but you will have to carry it with you all day. All foods can only be eaten in the allocated eating area. Ice cream will also be available on the day. You are not allowed to eat on the bus.


It is important that you wear watertight footwear like wellie boots as you will have to walk through a footbath with chemicals before you can enter the farm. You are advised to just wear your boots to school, or you would have to carry your belongings/shoes with you all day around the farm.


We suggest that you do not bring a bag to school that day (unless you need to bring your packed lunch) for your own comfort as you cannot leave it on the bus or drop it at the farm – you will have to carry your belongings with you all day. If you need to bring materials to class for the start of period 1 then leave it with the teacher in that classroom.

If you have any questions please come along and ask Miss Lovelock, Mrs Niven or Miss MacRae this week.


Book Club

Book Club is meeting on Monday in the library during lunch break to discuss A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.

Library Assistant Wanted

We are looking for library assistants.  Pop into the library for more info.

Daily Bulletin – Thursday 19 May

Daily Bulletin – Thursday 19 May

NPLQ Course

We are running a National Pool Lifeguard Course in Alford Campus on the following dates.

Saturday 2nd July till Friday 8th July 2022 inclusive and 100% attendance is required.

The course is 40 hours plus Assessment. Students who wish to apply have to be 16 years of age at the time of assessment. The cost is £275.00 which includes all the course materials.

Any enquiries please E mail


P7 Link Day – Developing Skills in Science

P7 Link Day – Developing Skills in Science

This Tuesday (10th May) Alford Academy welcomed almost 120 P7 pupils for their Link Day. For part of their time all pupils spent 90 minutes in the Faculty of Science, learning about safely and developing essential science based skills. These skills were then used for several different activities.

Pupils made colour changing crystals by accurately weighing out chemicals, making solutions and then mixing these to start the crystal forming process. Because of the chemicals used the crystals start to change colour when the temperature changes. Below are some pictures of some excellent crystals made on Link Day.

Pupils also constructed viewers that when placed on a phone screen can produce a 3D Hologram image. This required precision and accuracy in the construction process.



We hope that all the P7 pupils enjoyed their time at Alford Academy and within Science as much as the staff enjoyed meeting them all.

Faculty of Science, Alford Academy.


Eco Ambassador meets her hero

Eco Ambassador meets her hero

One of our committed Eco group members and climate change ambassadors, Leah, recently attended a talk with naturalist, explorer and writer Steve Backshall MBE.  The talk took place at Aberdeen Music Hall and was titled “Ocean – Bringing marine dreams to life”.  Leah has a keen interest in the ocean environment and learnt more about what we need to do to save our seas from one of her nature loving role models.  Leah will feedback all she has learned to the school Eco-group.  Leah stuck around after the talk to get a signed brochure and a picture with her hero.




The Eco-group would like to make you aware of the Big Plastic Count.  Households, community groups, schools and businesses are being encouraged to take part in order to show the government that it is time to commit to reducing single use plastic by 50% by 2025 by switching to reusable options that work for everyone – and ban sending waste to other countries.  This is backed by the school’s Humanities Department who are carrying out the big plastic count in the faculty.  The count takes place for a week and we would like you to do this between the 16th – 22nd May.  Follow this link to find out more and to sign up.


Welcome back Jasper!

Welcome back Jasper!

Alford Community Campus are delighted to welcome Jasper back to his customary spot outside our main entrance. Jasper suffered a wee injury last year but is now fully recovered and looking better than ever after receiving some TLC from sculptor, Helen Denerley.  We thank Helen for looking after him so well. It is so good to have Jasper back with us  and he is enjoying getting lots of pats on the head again – he is such a Good Boy!

Action on Plastic

Action on Plastic


The Eco-group recently collected surveys from the S1-S3 pupils and found that most plastic bottles purchased by the pupils were for fizzy and sugary drinks; the most popular being Coca-Cola.

To help reduce these sugary drink purchases, the Eco-group have worked together to produce a lesson to educate pupils on the health issues associated with sugary and fizzy drinks. The aim is for this strategy to, not only educate pupils about healthy diets, but also to help reduce the amount of plastic that must be recycled from the Academy classrooms each day.

The Eco-group are working on the principle that ‘REDUCE’ is better than ‘RECYCLE.’ 

The Humanities Department will deliver a 10-minute lesson during Social Subjects and BGE classes.

In future the Eco-group will be looking at ways to promote the use of refillable water bottles.



Clothes Recycling Collection Points

Clothes Recycling Collection Points

Clothes Recycling Collection Points: For information, we wanted to share with the community that if using clothes recycling points such as the one in the Alford Campus carpark (to help raise funds for Alford Primary School Fund) to please not leave bags of clothing/textiles outside the container when it is full as these are not collected by the organisation responsible for emptying the containers and therefore it is effectively fly tipping. To ensure your textiles are recycled, please take them to an alternative recycling point when the container is full. Please spread the word in the local community. Thank you!

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