IT Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)

IT Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)

All users of Alford Academy’s IT resources, (Hardware, Software, Data and Bandwidth) are expected to Agree to our Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP).

If an individual does not accept and agree to the terms of this policy, or is in breach of these terms the school reserves the right to withdraw access to the school’s IT resources (Hardware, Software Data and Bandwidth).  While we encourage the use of pupils own devices, when appropriate, bringing such devices on campus is a privileged, not an absolute right, and this privileged can be revoked.

Across the school community, we require a very high degree of acceptance of the terms of our AUP in order to provide a pupil BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) wireless network

IT Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)

The IT resources in school (Hardware including personally owned devices, Software, Data and Bandwidth) is there to support learning.

Used responsibly, IT resources can significantly enhance learning and the development of skills for Learning, Life and Work.


Always follow these rules:

Be secure:

  • I will keep logins and passwords to myself and not share them with anyone, even my friends
  • If l have a concern about my password I will change it and/or speak to my teacher.
  • I will always log out when I leave the computer/device.
  • I will not look at anyone else’s files without their permission.

Be respectful:

  • I will only use my own logon details to access IT resources.
  • I will always be polite, Kind and Respectful in my use of IT resources.
  • I understand that anything I do may be traced back to my account and to me.
  • I will not access, create, store or distribute files that could be thought of as unkind, offensive or indecent, or that harasses or insults others.
  • Outwith social times, I will keep my own devices off and out of sight unless I have gained explicit permission from a teacher to use them or unless I am in learning during timetabled private study.
  • I will only access wireless networks which I am authorised to use.
  • I will not record (audio or video) from any online meeting connected with the school.

Be safe:

  • I will not share my personal details (home address, phone number etc.) with other people.
  • I will only send emails to people I know or my teacher knows.
  • I will not put any personal information about other people into emails, onto the internet or Glow.

Be legal:

  • I will only share materials I am allowed to via the internet or Glow.
  • I will never photograph or video staff or other pupils without their knowledge and permission.
  • I will never upload to the internet photographs or videos of others without their permission.
  • I know that bullying or harassment by the use of text, multimedia messaging, emails, social networking or blog sites is unacceptable and may lead to very serious consequences.
  • I know that I should not copy materials or pictures from the internet and use them in my own work unless l have appropriate copyright permissions.

Be responsible:

  • If I see or hear something that is wrong or that upsets me in emails, on the internet or Glow, I will tell an adult and/or use the Report Unsuitable Content button if it is on the screen.
  • I will not try to use internet sites which have unsuitable content, including social networking sites.
  • I will take good care of the IT equipment I use
  • I understand that if I am irresponsible in my use of IT resources my access may be removed.
  • I understand that if I am in breach of the AUP, my device may be temporarily confiscated with proportionate sanctions, up to and including Police involvement.
  • I understand that my personal device may be temporarily confiscated if I use my own device in class without permission.
  • I understand that bringing my own IT resources, including mobile phones, onto campus is at the discretion of the school
  • I am responsible for taking care of any personal device I bring to school.
  • I understand that any personally owned device which l connect to the network e.g. a USB drive should not pose a threat to the network through its contents or through downloads.



Pupil Declaration 

I have read the IT Resources AUP and understand that these terms apply when I am using any IT resource on campus (including both school and personal computers and devices and the internet.) or any school IT resource remotely, for example when at home during remote learning.

I accept the terms of the AUP and agree to uphold them.

Parental Declaration

I have read the IT Resources AUP and understand that these terms apply when my child is using any IT resource on campus (including both school and personal computers and devices and the internet.) or any school IT resource remotely, for example when at home during remote learning.

I have gone through the rules with my child and explained their importance and the consequences of breaking the rules, and ensured that they understand.

I understand that the school will make every reasonable effort to filter out access to controversial material on the Internet, but I will not hold them responsible for materials my son or daughter acquires or sees as a result of the use of IT at school.

I also accept that the school cannot be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to personal equipment my child may bring to school e.g. smartphone, iPod, netbook etc.

I understand that if the school allows my child to use a personal device to access the internet this will be via the school’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Wi-Fi Network.

I understand that in order to provide my child with a Glow Account some information will be transferred from school to Glow.

I accept the terms of the AUP and confirm that my child will uphold them.


From time to time we may ask parents and pupils to submit a formal acceptance of the AUP (electronically or in paper form), however the use of the school’s IT resources by any individual is taken as acceptance of this AUP.



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