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Basketball Development at Alford

Basketball Development at Alford

The amazing addition of the outdoor court at Alford Academy has lead to an increased popularity in basketball during leisure time.  It’s great to see the pupils using their break times to be active and practice new skills.  Basketball has also become more popular at the school, with both junior and senior clubs training on a Monday after school and practice times on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes.  The school look forward to seeing more from the teams next year with more games planned as well as hoping to enter some leagues or tournaments.  The academy is also working closely with the basketball development officer and school sports coordinators to plan coaching qualifications and holiday camps.

Here you can see a couple of our senior team players modelling our new basketball kit, kindly donated by the Parent Council.

Pre-Loved Uniform Event

Pre-Loved Uniform Event

Pre-Loved Uniform Event : On behalf of your Alford Academy Parent Council

Previously we have collected and organised pre-loved academy school uniform and redistributed it for others to use. This worked well and many in our school community benefitted.

Our next table top event will take place on Thursday 9th June (3-5pm) and Saturday 11th June (10-12 noon), in advance of this please can we request for you to donate any uniform items that you no longer require.  These can be dropped off in the metal cage in the foyer of the community campus. Please see the attached our poster for full details.

We would also welcome any revision /success guides for SQA exams (any subject) that are no longer required as we will also be able to re-distribute these to our young people.

Thank you in advance for helping the environment and supporting our school community.

Parent Council Fundraising – Co-op Junior Membership

Parent Council Fundraising – Co-op Junior Membership

As Parent Council is one of the Co-op’s local community causes, fundraising for the Outdoor Space Project, the Co-op passed on information about Junior Membership (under 16s) which may be of interest generally and an opportunity to support our cause which runs through to October.

Co-op Junior Membership (under 16s)

If you’re younger than 16 you can become a Co-op Junior Member and earn rewards to spend or donate (you won’t be able to have a say in how the business is run or stand for election until you turn 16).   Your parent or guardian will need to apply by calling 0800 023 4708.

Co-op App

Use the app digital membership card to:

  • collect rewards each time you scan your digital membership card
  • spend your rewards or donate them to a local community
  • choose 2 personalised offers each week
  • select your local cause


Select your local cause

When you become a Co-op Member, you can choose a local cause to support through your membership. If you choose Alford Academy Parent Council as you cause, the Co-op will donate 2p in every £1 you spend at the Co-op to raise money for the Outdoor Space Project.  You can select your local cause under Membership in the app.

Looking for pre-loved Alford Academy uniform?

Looking for pre-loved Alford Academy uniform?

Alford Academy Parent Council have a collection of pre-loved uniform items to pass on to families. If you need anything please come and visit us on August 10th at the Alford Campus Entrance between 4 and 6 pm. All items are free of charge but any donations to Parent Council would be appreciated and would go towards funding our outdoor gym/seating project. We have numerous small and large v neck jumpers as well as a few medium sized items. We also have a small selection of girls and boys’ blazers (for S4-S6 pupils).  If you still wish to donate items (which should be washed prior to donating) there will be a drop off box at the collection table. Please see flyer for further information.

School Uniform Recycling

School Uniform Recycling

Dear All

We hope you are well. Please see the poster below about our School Uniform Recycling Project. We cannot believe that the end of term is near and no doubt our cherubs will have outgrown some, if not all of their school uniform. Our aim is to reduce waste and we will be most grateful if you could support our School Uniform Recycling Project by either donating clothes, coming to our tabletop day(s) if you need clothes and by spreading the word/sharing the poster with your contacts who may be interested in supporting this project.

Thank you for supporting this project.

Best Wishes

Amy, Charlotte, Ingrid, Sarah and Monica

School Uniform Recycling Sub-Group (Alford Academy Parent Council)

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