21/ Jan 2020

Rescheduling of Missed Exams.

If your child has missed one or more prelim exams, there is an opportunity for these to be sat at the end of the prelim diet.

To request a late sitting, please complete the form usign the link below.  It is the pupils (or their parents) responsiblity to request a late sitting.

Late Sitting reqeust form




Individual timetables have now been issued.  Any pupil who has not yet recived an individual timetable should collect theirs from Campus Reception.


Study Leave Consent should be made electronically using  this link.




The information leaflets provided can be found below

2020 Prelim Timetable v 1-5 (7/1/2020) Minor Adjustments

S4 January Exam Diet Information Letter

S56 January Exam Diet Information Letter

S5 and S6 pupils have the option of study leave. A reply slip is included at the foot of the S5/6 letter.  Paper copies of this form can be obtained from the school.

Responses can alternatively be made electronically using  this the link.


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