Voluntarily withdrawing from Assessments in 2021

Voluntarily withdrawing from Assessments in 2021

We recognise that some parents believe the assessment window should be shorter and or contain fewer assessment opportunities.  While as a school we have reviewed the case for a reduction in the assessment window (time or quantify), we have concluded that the plans in place are in the best interests of our school community, and are supported by the vast majority of parents.

During the 5 week assessment window in April and May 2021, where parents believe it is the best interests of their child, they will be given the option of withdrawing their child from one or more of the scheduled assessments.

Any such request must be made in writing, in advance of the assessment to the Depute Head Teacher with Responsibility for Assessments (Mr Struan Gardner).

In the event that we disagree with this request we will let you know, but we will meet your wishes in as far as we are able.  If you child on any given day decides to undertake the assessment their participation will not be prevented.

In making such a request you are acknowledging the following

In offering an assessment in this diet, the school’s view is that the assessment is important;

  • In providing evidence which may be useful in determining the overall provisional result for a pupil.
  • That the assessment may be valuable in providing feedback to the pupil on what gaps exist in their learning and therefore supporting their preparation for further assessments.
  • Pupils who are withdrawn from assessments would for class-based assessments remain in the class with their peers and work on activities they have chosen.  The same would be true for any lessons involving staff going over assessments sat by the class.
  • That by withdrawing from assessments it is contrary to the professional view of the school staff.
  • That we will not discuss further the pupil’s participation in the particular assessment/s unless they raise the matter with us.


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