AUP Staff Terms

AUP Staff Terms

In addition to the terms of the (Acceptable Use Policy) AUP which apply to staff as well as other members of our community, the following additional terms also apply.


IT Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) – Additional Terms for Staff

Acceptance of the council’s AUP is part of our contract of employment.

Be secure:

Be safe:

  • I will ensure my own social media profiles and accounts are set to private.

Be legal:

 Staff Declaration 

I have read the IT Resources AUP and additional terms for staff and understand that these terms apply when I am using any IT resource on or off campus (including both school and personal computers and devices and the internet) in relation to my work, my professional standing, and the reputation of myself, Alford Academy and Aberdeenshire Council.

I accept the terms of the AUP and agree to uphold them.


To Accept or reject the AUP please use the following link.


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