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MacMillan coffee morning success

MacMillan coffee morning success

MacMillan Coffee Morning 2021

We did it! We had an actual event! And made £273.71 so far and a good few IOUs to collect on Monday! This is enough to make a huge difference for those using the help MacMillan provide and we are absolutely delighted! This is the most we have raised in a coffee morning for years so we cannot thank everyone enough.

The Interact Club organised their first event of the new school year and with great delight we were able to take part in an actual event.  With covid still very present we did need to work even harder than normal to make the event happen and still be a success.  So what was different? We had to adhere to covid regulations as well as the normal food and hygiene standards; so there was less home baking but the fine pieces were just as good when it’s for a good cause.  We changed our event to reduce numbers and deliveries were opted for by many which helped manage numbers.  We still had the opportunity to meet face to face but in an open space and with distancing in mind.  What was the same; hard work, planning and preparation paid off.  The group have been working on this for 6 weeks and it has been the product of much careful thought from risk assessments to budgets to purchasing to advertising.  The team have been excellent especially as we have had a 2 year break and the club is running over 2 separate lunch times with many new interactors!

Initially we were apprehensive but we are absolutely delighted with how the morning went.  We were able to safely set up and prepare with ease, we had a great time delivering and meeting colleagues and senior pupils over a cup of tea and a tasty treat.

We have a few thank you messages to make as this didn’t happen without a big team! Firstly to Mrs Wotherspoon, our Headteacher, for supporting the event and being so enthusiastic.  To Miss McIver for helping us with the risk assessment and advising us how to stay safe throughout.  Thanks to Diane Forbes for helping with all aspects of the event and always making the impossible seem possible.  To Miss Lovelock and Mrs Wright for their baking expertise, advice and help throughout.  Thank you to Mrs Watt for your continued support of our club and for helping us to make our packaging look professional.  To Ali and the janitorial team for setting up the event for us!  But also thank you to all those that helped on the day and donated, ate and enjoyed; we applaud you! Every penny really does matter.

Hopefully this sees a start to a new normal and a little bit of hope.

Alford Academy Interact Club.



Rotary Shoe box scheme

Rotary Shoe box scheme

Rotary Shoe Box Scheme 2021

This year the Interact club are collecting items to fill shoe boxes to send to disadvantaged adults and children in Eastern Europe.

This month (October) the club are trying to spread a little happiness with the rotary shoebox scheme.  We are sending full boxes after the holidays to countries such as the Ukraine, Romania and Moldova.

We will collect items during junior lunch on Tuesdays in B1-23 and senior lunch on a Wed in B1-20.  Please collect boxes during these times or drop off items to these places.  Or you can see Mrs Rees-Jenkins, Miss Lovelock and Mrs Fraser out with these times in Science.

We have added a picture of the leaflet showing suggestions of what to add in each box.

This website has more information about what you can put in the boxes:

We are looking to fill boxes for: babies, children, young adults and adults.

You should not put food, sweets, chocolate, drinks, battery operated items, items related to conflict, aerosols or anything living (seeds etc) into these boxes.  Please avoid anything sharp for the boxes for children.

We also need to add £2 for the delivery of each box if possible, please consider this in your donations 🙂

Thank you so much for you support

Alford Academy Interact Club

Children in Need 2020

Children in Need 2020

Thanks to everyone who made Friday such a success and helped to raise over £500 for Children in Need.  A very special thanks to Mrs Rees-Jenkins and her Interact Team who led the day and to our S6  pupils who brought ‘The Wild West’ to Alford Academy.  They decorated the dining area and corridors with cactii, wagon wheels and bunting, dressed in checked shirts, denim and boots and entertained pupils and staff during the morning intervals as they played country music and performed their hoedown.  Fantastic!   Well done to all, including our staff teams who put so much thought and effort into their faculty themes for the day and to all pupils who took part too. Another great day in school!

Sport Relief Activities This Week

Sport Relief Activities This Week

Staff v Pupil Football at 1.30 in the Games Hall on Wednesday 11 March.

Sponge the Teacher Thursday 12 March at lunchtime in the Amphitheatre outside (it’s going to be messy!)

Dress Down Day – wear sporty clothes to school this Friday 13 March and pay £1 to support Sport Relief.

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