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S3 Project Based Learning – Legacies of Slavery

S3 Project Based Learning – Legacies of Slavery

S3 pupils visited the Legacies of Slavery exhibition at Aberdeen University library, as part of their ongoing PBL (Project Based Learning) on the theme of racism. The exhibition provided an interesting insight into the local connections Aberdeen has with slavery, allowing students to make real-world connections between their learning and their local area. 


Pupils took part in a workshop, exploring the importance of a name and the impact on personal identity- something that was removed for slaves. They also looked into some of the names of streets and places in the local area with links to the slave trade (Jamaica Street, Sugarhouse Lane, Imperial Place). Also discussed was the fact that slave names have been erased from history, all record of their original identity has been lost/removed. However, the names of the slave traders remain famous. 


The exhibition contained a variety of interesting materials including the stories of the slaves who lived and worked here. The economic impact of slavery was also explained- some famous Aberdeen landmarks were built with proceeds of the slave trade.  Shockingly, the compensation paid to slave owners was such a large amount that the debt was only paid off in full in 2015- the abolition of slavery occurred in 1833. 


Many thanks to all involved at the University of Aberdeen for the production of such an interesting and important exhibition- our visit was an eye-opening one and provided our learners with an invaluable learning experience.

S5/6 Work Experience in Technology

S5/6 Work Experience in Technology

An opportunity has arisen for S5 and S6 pupils interested in a career in Technology to attend work experience. The events are in Glasgow but may be of interest to some S5/6 pupils.

Please use the links to learn more about the J.P. Morgan Work Experience Day and Application Masterclass events.


Eligibility criteria:

  • JPM Work Experience – S5 and S6 students (no students over 18)
  • JPM Application Masterclass – S5 (no students over 18)



Mentors in Violence Prevention : Leadership and the Role of the Bystander

Mentors in Violence Prevention : Leadership and the Role of the Bystander

Our young people have been discussing what skills and qualities are required for a leader particularly in the role of MVP.

They will be developing and using these skills in order to educate peers in topics such as social media use, friendship interactions etc and may have to use their leadership traits to deliver sessions on topics that people find challenging or have fixed views about.

The role and responsibility of the bystander is to speak up and interrupt inappropriate statements / behaviour : the standard we walk past is the standard we accept.





S1 Pupils learn lifesaving skills

S1 Pupils learn lifesaving skills

Paramedics from Scottish Ambulance Service came into Alford Academy today to teach pupils how to deal with a casualty who has suffered cardiac arrest.  The input was part of a series of scenarios S1 pupils have been going through with Guidance teachers called – ‘keeping yourself safe’.

The pupils learned how to –

  • check for danger to help keep themselves, the casualty, and bystanders safe.
  • check for a response from the casualty by shouting and gently shaking them.
  • shout for help & how to call 999 and what information is required.
  • check the casualty’s airways by looking into their mouths and opening their airway.
  • check for breathing by watching if their chest moves up and down & putting an ear above their lips and nose to hear if they are breathing.
  • check their circulation by looking at the colour of their skin.
  • perform chest compressions & use the defibrillator to help a casualty who has suffered cardiac arrest.

Pupils were able to put their learning into practice by using the manikins to perform this sequence.

Alford Academy would like to thank Scottish Ambulance Service for providing such fantastic, worthwhile and potentially lifesaving training to our S1 pupils.

Class Magazine

Class Magazine

S2 Study and Organisation have been working on a project to create a digital magazine.

We wanted young people to read more so we decided to make a digital magazine because everyone uses their phones nowadays. We wrote lots of different articles as people are interested in lots of different topics. 

During this project we had to work as a team and communicate with each other. We had to use our literacy, research and IT skills, and work towards a deadline. You can read our magazine by scanning the QR code advertised around the school or clicking the link below. 

We enjoyed working on this magazine project and we hope you enjoy reading it.

S&O Magazine



S3 Admin & IT help Alford Golf Club with digital technology

S3 Admin & IT help Alford Golf Club with digital technology

The S3 Admin & IT class visited Alford Golf Club on 16th May with their teacher Mrs Forsyth and the school’s DYW Employer School Coordinator, Romana Richards to present their admin and business project.

Iain Affleck (club manager), Harry Yorston (club captain) and Stuart Storrie (Club Council / School Liaison) represented the golf club and each of the pupils took it in turns to present their findings and suggestions on how the club could move forward in terms of technology. The pupils had researched the best options for the club’s filing system (saving files onto the cloud instead of locally), a facility for scanning images into usable documents, improving their website, social media presence to appeal to members of all ages, and a human resources app for staff. The presentation was very well received by the club and made the pupils and teachers feel very welcome.

Head Teacher Angela Wotherspoon said “The project was a valuable experience for our pupils as they were able to transfer the knowledge and skills that they have, to help solve a real-life problem.

Thank you to Alford Golf Club for giving our pupils the opportunity to work alongside them and for being so accommodating and open to their ideas, it is much appreciated”.

Alford Golf Club

Alford Golf Club

Alford Golf Club are valued partners of Alford Academy and our pupils are increasingly working with the club throughout our curriculum.

Our S3 Business pupils are bringing learning outcomes to life with students working on the clubs advertising and marketing to improve their social media presence and office handling.

Our Hospitality Foundation Apprenticeship students have been working in the kitchen and front of house to develop their hospitality/teamwork and communication skills which has been very successful.



The Golf Club would like to invite all non golfing members to an introduction to golf taster session on Saturday 13th May.
Come along to this free event to learn the basics of golf with our coaches. Then into the clubhouse for a refreshment afterwards.

Young junior (12 and under) 11.00 – 12.00
Adults 13.00 – 14.30

For more details or to reserve a place, please contact the club on 019755 62178 or email

HWB Family Learning Event : Thursday 16th March

HWB Family Learning Event : Thursday 16th March

On Thursday 16th March we hosted a health and wellbeing family learning event with a focus on supporting our S3-6 young people as they prepare for their SQA exams. Our S3 and S4 MH peer educators shared some information about their role in school and how support can be accessed and then led the groups around four workshops with a focus on :

Resilient thinking skills and strength spotting

Healthy food choices and brain boosting snacks

The importance of sleep and anxiety management

Nutrition and exercise to help your wellbeing

We welcomed the following providers and they delivered their information in a varied and informative manner.

A Shearer – Full Colour Coaching

D Tuckwood and F Burnett – Public Health Team / NHS

T Stoddard – Trainee School Nurse / NHS

Lyndsay Van Der Starre – ElevateUfitness

We will share information from the workshops with you digitally, please look out for an email with the link to the resources.

Students applying to study at RGU.

Students applying to study at RGU.

On Wednesday 22nd March Kirsty Mackay, our RGU Hub officer will be in Alford Academy.

All pupils who have applied to RGU will have received an email with a QR code to scan and book an appointment with Kirsty to discuss their application and any queries they have regarding Uni – funding, accommodation etc.

You can simply book an appointment at a time that suits best during the hub day.  The appointments are not mandatory and are available to students if they wish to attend. It is a casual chat but will hopefully answer any queries they do have.

Please check your emails if you have applied to RGU and would welcome this input and help.

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