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Science – Supported Study Sessions

Science – Supported Study Sessions

Faculty of Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

All SQA qualifications are supported by additional after-school study sessions throughout the week.

Biology (all levels) – Monday 3:45 to 4:45 in room B1-23

Chemistry (all levels) – Wednesday 3:45 to 4:45 in Room B1-18

Physics (AH and N5) – Monday 3:45 to 4:45, (Higher and N5) Thursday 2:55 to 3:55 in room B1-24.

Follow the QR code above to register interest for the supported study sessions. The QR code is also present on the stream of every Google Classroom. Support sessions will run throughout the year.

Faculty of Science.

NESCol additional help for Higher pupils

NESCol additional help for Higher pupils

We are pleased to make you aware of short courses which are on offer at NESCOL to assist candidates in preparing for end of year exams in Higher Sciences and Maths. All sessions are at Aberdeen City Campus, but physics is also available at Fraserburgh Campus.

 Over seven evening sessions in the weeks leading up to the final exam, learners will work in small groups with other candidates to practice exam-style questions. Coaching during the class will help them improve the way they approach a range of questions. We will also cover aspects of the curriculum that have been identified as poorly answered in previous exams.

 In previous years these sessions have been oversubscribed, so we would encourage early booking from any interested individuals.

 Further details of all courses may be found on the links below.


Preparation for Higher Biology – commencing 27th February (Aberdeen City Campus)

Biology – North East Scotland College (


Preparation for Higher Chemistry – commencing 15th  March (Aberdeen City Campus)

Chemistry – North East Scotland College (


Preparation for Higher Maths –  commencing 1st or 7th March (Aberdeen City Campus)

Maths – North East Scotland College (


Preparation for Higher Physics – commencing 16th March (Aberdeen City and Fraserburgh Campus)

Physics – North East Scotland College (


Preparation for Higher Computing Science – commencing 29th March (Aberdeen City Campus)

Computing Science – North East Scotland College (


For further information on Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology please contact Douglas Fraser or for Computing Science please contact Ben Thorn

National support for learning

National support for learning

Learners can sign up themselves and there are full details on our website.

Check out the range of  study support available from over 50 live webinars we run weekly.  Click on the image for details.



Wellbeing Packs

Wellbeing Packs

This week our senior phase pupils and S3 pupils who are sitting an SQA exam have received a Wellbeing pack to support them in the coming weeks. The pack includes information on exam stress, a self-care card, revision materials and some goodies.

Good luck to all our young people for the coming weeks!

If any S4-6 pupils were absent and have not collected their pack, please speak with Mrs J Munro (E1-50)


S5 Horizons – RGU Study skills, Exam preparation and Project Trust

S5 Horizons – RGU Study skills, Exam preparation and Project Trust

On Tuesday 22 March, Robert Gordon University delivered a workshop to the S5s on note taking and revision skills. This included identifying what type of learning style, what learning methods to use to be an effective learner as well as exam preparation tips. They also covered how to manage your mental wellbeing; what affects our mental health, what can we change and how we can find support. The pupils comments were:


Really helpful and in depth, I learned what learning style works best for me

It was interesting and useful

Very interactive session, good because of personal examples used

Helpful and informative


Project Trust also delivered a presentation on taking a gap year and volunteering with project trust overseas. Pupil comments were:


Great to hear about someone’s actual experience rather than an overview

I think what project trust is doing is amazing and I can’t wait to participate this year.

Definitely considering taking a gap year with project trust inspiring and informative

The presentation made me seriously consider going on a gap year with project trust. It seems like good life experience

The presentation I found really inspiring as it made me realise that there is maybe a good option of what to do after school as I still don’t know what I want to do after I leave school.     

Online Revision Support

Online Revision Support

Live weekly webinars are available across a range of subjects here.

The webinars are live or you can watch a recorded session to get help with your subjects.  Use the link above to check out the Easter Support Study revision programme from e-sgoil.  Less than 30 school days left before the exams start.

Maths Supported Study

Maths Supported Study

To help our senior phase pupils in the run up to their exams, and our BGE pupils who are needing a little extra help, the Maths Faculty have arranged a program of supported study sessions.

For BGE pupils this is two lunchtimes a week when they can drop in to a maths classroom, and seek help on anything they are struggling with – or just use the time to work on some maths with a teacher available to help if they get stuck.

For senior phase pupils we have a program of revision sessions running at lunchtime.  In these sessions there will be teaching on specific topics.  We also have after school supported study on a Monday and a Thursday – which is a session when pupils can come and seek help on specific areas they are struggling with.

Please see the attached program for the details of these sessions.  If a pupil can’t make any of the sessions due to other commitments they should let their teacher know, and we will try and arrange an alternative time.

Pupils attending after school will need a parental consent form completed which they can obtain from their teacher.

Supported Study 2022

English as Additional Language Service

English as Additional Language Service

The EAL Service have created videos to help parents/carers to support their children learning at home. The videos are currently in English and translations in the most common languages used by bilingual families in Aberdeenshire.

Topics in the videos cover:

Supporting learning at home

Logging into Glow

Adding tiles/apps to Glow

Using Microsoft Teams

Using Google Classrooms

To access the EAL Service website please click here.


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