zGoogle Meet – Live ‘Check-ins’  from your home

zGoogle Meet – Live ‘Check-ins’  from your home

Pupils – Getting set up


First of all, if you are not comfortable with being on camera to speak with your teacher, let them know using an email or private message in Google Classroom, so that other arrangements can be put in place.


Using Google Meet is like inviting someone into your home. You need to think carefully about the view from your web camera and how you are set up at home for learning online. Here are some top tips.

  1. Be dressed suitably – no PJs – get dressed as you would be happy to be seen outside of your home.
  2. If possible sit somewhere with your back towards the wall.  This will reduce how much of your home is in the camera frame. Consider making use of appropriate custom or blurred backgrounds.
  3. Turn the TV and other distractions off. Try to find a space which is quiet. Don’t worry – we know this might not always be easy for everyone to do.
  4. If you have some headphones, use them. You might need to change the meeting settings after you plug-in your headphones. This will work even better if they have a microphone. [Help from Google on how to adjust your computers sound settings]
  5. Choose somewhere with good light but don’t have your back towards a window if you can avoid it. Too much light can make it difficult for others to see you on your camera.
  6. Have your device on a table rather than on your knees. If you don’t have a table, use cushions under your device to make yourself more comfortable.
  7. Have some paper/jotters handy with a pen or pencil so you can write notes if you need to. You could also use Google Keep or Docs to write short notes with your device during your meeting.


Pupils: Connecting to Your Meeting

Your teacher will set a time for any meetings in Google Classroom. This is also where you will find the link for the meeting when it starts. Your teacher will be the first person in the meeting room and will be the last person to leave it.

Top Tips for your meeting

  1. Visit your Google Classroom to get the meeting link just before the meeting is due to start.
  2. Go to the meeting link.
  3. Mute your microphone before you enter the meeting. You can also switch off your camera if you wish.

  1. Click Join now to enter the Google Meet. Don’t click Present.
  2. Once connected, listen carefully to your teacher. You can use the chat to ask questions or unmute your microphone and ask your question. You should mute your mic again after you have asked your questions.
  3. In your Meet, be kind and considerate of other people. The Meet is just like being in school and you need to behave appropriately. Your teacher may remove you from the meeting if you don’t do so. If you are removed from a meeting, the headteacher or another member of senior staff may discuss this with you and your parents/carers.
  4. In using any council ICT service, device or bandwidth you are accepting the schools Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  5. When the call is complete, disconnect by clicking the red “hang up” button.

Remember to check Google Classroom after the meeting for any assignments that your teacher has set for you.


Parents – Helping your child to set up & connect

Our tips for helping your child to be part of an online video lesson.

  1. Remind your child that they need to behave appropriately in online meetings.  Encourage them to be polite and respectful during the call. Be aware that inappropriate behaviour may result in your child being removed from the meeting and a follow-up discussion with school staff.  In using any council ICT service, device or bandwidth your child is accepting the schools Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  2. Position the computer/device in a room where you can monitor their activity, preferably not a bedroom.  Consider making use of appropriate custom backgrounds.
  3. Keep the background clear, with good lighting and sound (see our pupil tips above).
  4. Information about who is hosting the meeting, what the meeting will be about and what tasks, if any, are set following it will all be shared in your child’s Google Classroom. The link to the meeting will be shared in your child’s Google Classroom just before the meeting is due to start.
  5. Your child may need support in setting up Google Meet (https://meet.google.com), connecting their headphones, if they have them, and selecting the camera.


Audio Settings can be adjusted – select your mic and headphones

Camera settings can be adjusted on the Video tab

Help your child to do this and check the preview of the webcam before your child joins the meeting.


  1. If you can, it is helpful for you to take an interest in your child’s lesson and stay close by so you can assist if needed. If you are subscribed to Guardian summaries from your child’s Google Classroom, you will receive email updates.
  1. To protect your own family’s privacy and that of others, we ask that participation in online meetings is kept to your child, their class and teacher.

If you have any concerns about the use of Google Meet or the content of live meetings, you should contact the school


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