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Mr A MacPhee (PT Faculty)
Mr D Mackenzie



Course Description (Advanced Higher)

The course has 3 elements – Essay Writing, Source Handling and a Dissertation. Pupils can study:

Scotland from the Romans to AD 1000. It will take students through the mists of Dark Age Scotland.

The Romans in Scotland – We study the 3 most significant Roman invasions of Scotland, including the famous Mons Grapuis perhaps fought on the slopes of Bennachie. Archaeology also plays an impotrtant role in the study of Hadrian’s Wall.

Scottish tribes after the Romans – We will study the mysterious Picts, the ferocious Scots and the warlike Angles.

St Ninian and St Columba – Ancient Holymen who have been credited with defeating Pictish wizards and bring the wrath of God to Scotland. But who are these Mysterious figures shrouded in time? St Ninian who brought Roman Christianity to Scotland and St Columba from Ireland. He is the first in history to have not only seen the Loch Ness Monster, but defeated it with his magic.

The Viking Invasion – Burning and Pillage, is this all the Vikings are famous for? What was their real role in the creation of the Scotland as we know it today?

The Making of Scotland – Kenneth McAlpine, the first Scottish King; hero or warlord?

Students will be expected to read and debate the issues arising from the reading. Regular essays will have to be completed.



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