This form is part of the schools data gathering to support informed judgement about the quality of learning and teaching.

It aims to provide a baseline of pupils views at a whole school level, and in time, with the provision of sufficient data, to provide a baseline for feedback to individual faculties and teachers.  It aims to highlight areas for further scrutiny by other forms of observation in order to identify areas for improvement.  In combination with teachers views, it also aims to provide a data set for staff to compare when observing lessons.

The data to be collected is mostly in the form of the extent to which participants agree or disagree with a series of statements.  In addition there are a number of questions to identity the context of the learning including the teacher leading the learning.  The participants name is requested, and there is a free text comment box available.

The participants name will remain confidential (unless a welfare issues is disclosed in the comment).  The teachers names will remain confidential other than to the teacher themselves, senior leaders and their relevant line manager.  Teacher data will only be aggregated where a minimum number of responses are included in the data set.

Participants (Pupils) may have their data removed from the data set where they have included their name, and on request to the schools DHT Learning and Teaching.

It is anticipated that pupils will complete the survey, on being randomly selected a the start of a subsequent lesson, between lessons, at the very end of the day, or the very start of the day, thinking about the final, lesson of the previous day.

Participation is optional.

Participants are expected to priorities the learning in their current lesson over completion of this form.

The data will be analysed to determine patterns in learning and teaching throughout the day, by period, by faculty by teacher and by academic stage.

Generic data may be made available to the parent council, pupil council or pupils as deemed appropriate by the senor leadership.

Faculty Data may be made available to faculties, but we would not anticipate this being made available to parents or pupils in a form which would identify individual faculties.


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