SQA Results Service

SQA Results Service

This page provides information in connection with the SQA Results service.

This supports candidates when an exceptional circumstance has affected exam performance or when there is concern about a grade.

There are two parts to this service.



1. Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service

The Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service supports candidates who have been unable to attend an exam, or those whose performance in the exam may have been affected by a personal circumstance or unplanned incident on the day, which is outwith their control. This service is available for all exams that appear in the exam timetable.

Who is eligible for the service?

Candidates are eligible for this service if they have:.

  • experienced a valid exceptional circumstance
  • completed all other parts of the course
  • had an estimated grade submitted by their centre

Candidates that sit the exam are still eligible.

We can only progress requests where alternative evidence of attainment is available.

Only the school can submit requests.  The closing date for us to submit a request is 10 working days after the exam for which the request is being made.  It if often helpful if parents or carers can provide written evidence or medical certificate to share details of the circumstances affecting their child.

Even if a candidate sits the external exam it is still possible to submit an exceptional circumstance request. Candidates are in no way disadvantaged by attempting an external exam.

Please note that exam stress, distraction and loss of concentration are not valid reasons in relation to the results service.

Candidates must provide written consent for the school to submit a results service request (A template can be found here)



2. Post-results Services

If (as a school) we have concerns about a candidate’s grade for National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher qualifications, we can request a clerical check or marking review.

Who is eligible for the service?

Candidates are eligible if their final grade is based on materials marked by SQA.

The final decision on whether to submit a Post-results Services request lies with the Head Teacher. The SQA can’t accept requests from candidates or parents/carers.

There are two types of post results service.  A clerical check and a marking review.

What is a clerical check?

A clerical check makes sure that:

  • all parts of the materials have been marked
  • the marks given for each answer have been totalled correctly

What is a marking review?

A marking review makes sure that:

  • all parts of the materials have been marked
  • the marking is in line with the national standard
  • the marks given for each answer have been totalled correctly
  • the correct result has been entered

A priority marking review can be requested if the candidate requires a result to secure a conditional place at university or college.

What should I do if I am concerned about my SQA results?

If you have a university or college place conditional on your results, please contact the school as soon as possible after receiving your results.  If you do not have a conditional offer, please contact your guidance teacher as soon as possible after term resumes.

How and when are results issued?

Results for Post-results Services requests will be sent electronically to the school or college who submitted the request on the following dates:

Results for priority marking reviews will also be sent to the university or college contact provided at the time of the request.

Any revised certificates will be posted to candidates at the end of November. Revised results will also be updated on MySQA at the end of November.




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