Student Teacher (Pre Visit)

Student Teacher (Pre Visit)


Alford Academy has a long history of supporting colleagues into the teaching profession and we are delighted that you will be joining us as you continue your studies towards being a teacher.

This page is intended to give you the basic information you need prior to your first visit to the campus, while trying not to overload you with information.


In October 2015 Alford Academy, Alford Primary school, Alford Swimming pool and Alford Community Learning and Development all moved from the old Campus to a brand new £37 million campus on the edge of the village.  Please note that vehicle access via Greystone road is no longer permitted, despite the campus address being Greystone Road, and some “SatNav” devices based on the postcode trying to get you to take this route!  You must take the link road “Covenanter Way” from the A944.

The main entrance for staff and visitors to the campus is shown below.

Car and Pedestrain Access Graphic

More details maps can be found using the link below



If driving from Aberdeen direction follow the A944 through Alford.  Roughly 300m after leaving the village there is a link road to the left which will take you to the new campus.

If driving from the West or North on the A944, the link road is the first on the right after the junction between the A980 and the A944

There is a reverse parking policy in operation on campus.

Public Transport

Public transport to Alford is limited, but there a number of buses that come to Alford from Aberdeen and Huntly.  Move information on buses can be found at or a generic google search.  The Kingsford Road stops are the best placed for then walking up Greystone road towards the new campus.  If you are concerned about how you will get here please get in touch so we can discuss this with you and explore what support we could offer.

The School Day

The structure of the school day can be found here with the pupil day starting at 8:40.  While there is normally a brief staff meeting every Tuesday at 8:35 in the staff lounge this is currently held online in the virtual staff room.

The school operates a 50 minute period, asymmetrical week, with the pupil day finishing at 14:50 on Thursday and Fridays.

The Alford Ethos

More information on the schools Vision, its Aims and Ethos can be found here

Non Smoking

In line with all Aberdeenshire Council and NHS Grampian properties, the entire campus and council grounds are smoke (and vape) free.  Information or support in how to quit can be found at

Finding your way around campus.

On your arrival at campus reception, please sign in and ask for your nominated contact person.  Floor plans of the Campus are shown below with the upper graphic being the ground floor.

On the ground floor the primary school can be found in the B and C wings. Drama and first aid are in the F zone.  Humanities and PSE in the D wing and PE and technologies being found in the E wing.

On the first floor, B wing is science,  is Business and Computing and Maths.  The D wing is English and Modern Languages faculties with E being Technologies, Support for Learners.  The A wing is home to music and the Staff Lounge.  The school’s Senior Leadership Teams can be found upstairs in the F zone.

Staff toilets are located near the staff lounge but are also welcome to use the accessible toilets that are located at the entrance to each wing.

Ground Floor


First Floor


Catering Facilities

The school operates a cashless catering system.  If your visit to the school is anything more than a few days, we will arrange for you to be given a PIN code so that you can use the schools canteen.  There are revaluation machines in the school which will allow you to top up your balance with cash, although cheques can also be made payable to Aberdeenshire Council and passed to the canteen supervision who will credit this to your account.  There are usually a few spare mugs in the staff lounge and your supervising staff will guide you regarding refreshments.

Emergency Evacuations and Fire Drills.

In the event of hearing a continuous siren throughout the building, please leave by your nearest exit, and make you way to the assembly point which is located near the bus lanes to the west of the campus.

Internal Doors and Security

Most internal doors are key-less and operated using a swipe card.  Given that student teachers will at all times be under the supervision of a permanent member of staff, it is not anticipated that you will need access to a swipe card.  If for some reason you think you should have access please discuss this with the member of the Senior Leadership Team overseeing your visit.

You will be provided with a security badge which must be worn at all times when on campus.

In the event that you see someone on campus acting in any way which gives you cause for concern, or without a visible badge, please inform a member of staff.

All classrooms have a phone and the Academy Reception can be reached by dialing 1000.

Child Protection

Details of the Aberdeenshire Child Protection policy can be found at

If you have any concerns relating to child protection please inform a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).


In the event being unable to make it to the school on a day when you would normally be expect on campus, please phone the school to let us know.  Student teachers would also normally be expected to inform their relevant university.

IT Access

The school has a ‘bring your own device’ wireless network which guests are welcome to use.  If your stay is to be longer than a few days we will set you up with an account for the schools network, and email address as appropriate.

Social Media

In line with GTCS professional guidance and Aberdeenshire recommendations, we would strongly recommend that any personal social media profiles are set to private.  Please note that under no circumstances should you photograph or video any member of the school community without authorisation from a member of the schools SLT.


There may be additional measures which you will be required to take when working or learning on campus.  You should discuss these with your named contact at the school.

Mitigations in schools may be different from those in wider society.  We will advise you in advance if there are any relevant mitigations in place.

Your Health and Wellbeing, and needs as a Learner

If you consider yourself to be vulnerable or have underlying health conditions please discuss this with a member of the SLT.  If there are specific things we should be aware of in term of meeting your learning needs please share this with your SLT Contact.

Key Contacts

There are a number of key staff who will support you during your time with us.  We will let you know who these are before your visit, but will include

  • The DHT with responsibility for Career long Professional Learning
  • An unprompted member of staff with whole school responsibility for supporting student teachers
  • A volunteer ‘buddy’ outwith your subject area.
  • Your line manager
  • You may also be allocated a ‘buddy’ within your subject area.

Other Matters

In the event you would like any additional information prior to your visit, please contact your named contact at the school.


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