School Support Service

School Support Service

Welcome to the Pastoral Support Service.


Mrs D Forbes – Pupil Support Worker


Welcome to the Supply Staff.

Ms C Bleasdale


Welcome to the Health Support Service.


Mrs L Allan – Nursing Assistant


Welcome to the Office Support Service.


Mrs J Beange – Admin Support Officer

Mrs L Anderson – Admin Assistant

Mrs M Gill – Admin Assistant

Mrs M Henderson- Admin Assistant

Mrs A MacLean- Admin Assistant

Mrs K Reid – Admin Assistant


Welcome to the Technician Support Service.


Mrs A Pickard – Science Technician

Mrs M Watt – Whole School Technician

Mrs L Harper – Technical Assistant

Mr M Sell – Technical Assistant


Welcome to the Janitorial Support Service.


Mr A Smith – Supervisory Janitor

Mr S Malcolm – Janitor

Mr A Wilkinson – Janitor

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