Web Filtering

Web Filtering



The filtering of internet content provides an important means of preventing users from accessing material that is illegal or is inappropriate in an educational context.  The filtering system cannot, however, provide a 100% guarantee that it will do so, because the content on the web changes dynamically and new technologies are constantly being developed.  It is important, therefore, to understand that filtering is only one element in a larger strategy for e-safety and acceptable use.   


The responsibility for the management of the school’s filtering policy will be held by Corporate ICT. They will manage the school filtering, in line with this policy and will keep records / logs of changes.  

To ensure that there is a system of checks and balances and to protect those responsible, changes to the school filtering service will be logged in change control logs. 

All users have a responsibility to report immediately to ICT any infringements of the school’s filtering policy of which they become aware or any sites that are accessed, which they believe should have been filtered.  

Users must not attempt to use any programor software that might allow them to bypass the filtering / security systems in place to prevent access to such materials. 

Policy Statements 

Internet access is filtered for all users. Differentiated internet access is available for staff and customised filtering changes are managed by ICT. Illegal content is filtered by actively employing the Internet Watch Foundation CAIC list and other illegal content lists .  Filter content lists are regularly updated. There is a clear route for reporting and managing changes to the filtering system.  Where personal mobile devices are allowed internet access through the council’s network infrastructure, filtering will be applied that is consistent with school practice.   

  • In the event of the technical staff needing to switch off the filtering for any reason, or for any user, this must be logged and carried out by a process that is agreed by the Headteacher or other nominated senior leader. 
  • Mobile devices that access the school internet connection (whether school  or personal devices) will be subject to the same filtering standards as other devices on the school systems. 
  • Any filtering issues should be reported immediately to ICT 
  • Requests from staff for sites to be removed from the filtered list will be considered by ICT, Liaising with the ECS Technology Development Manager where appropriate  
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