Santa’s Workshop Minecraft Competition – BGE

Santa’s Workshop Minecraft Competition – BGE

Our Business and Digital Education S1 – S3 pupils are currently working on their entries for a competition from the LoveLearning team within Aberdeenshire Council.  Design a new workshop for Santa, in Minecraft, with 4 Success Criteria that Santa is looking for: –

  • An area where the toys will be built
  • An area where Santa can relax
  • An area for Santa’s sleigh
  • An area where the reindeer are housed

In all of these areas, there needs to be at least one innovative way where Santa can use technology to make things easier.

Competition entries have to be a two minute screen recording of the Minecraft world and entries must be submitted to your teacher by Tuesday 19 December.  Ask Mrs Czarnecki or Miss Collett if you have any questions.  Good luck.

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