Alford Academy Inspection

Dear Parent/Carer,

Alford Academy Inspection

Alford Academy was due to be inspected from Monday 16 March 2020.  On Friday 13 March 2020, Education Scotland informed us they are pausing all inspections until the Easter break. This is due to the changing situation with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in Scotland.

We will update you when we receive notification of a rescheduled date.

Yours sincerely,

Moira Milne
Head Teacher
Alford Academy


Alford Academy Pupil Kiera needs your help!  Read on for more information.


What is Junk Kouture?

Junk Kouture is a fashion competition using recycled materials, which challenges young people to design, create and model high end couture from everyday junk!  It’s been running for 10 years and is one of the premier calendar events in Ireland.  For instance, Louis Walsh is a big supporter and is one of judges in the Grand Final.


Background to Kiera’s Dress

So the dress needs to be made entirely from junk.  What Kiera did was salvaged leather the car seats from old Jaguar cars, from the Overton scrapyard in Dyce.  She spent 3 months making her dress, and she’s there’s only one other girl from Scotland who’s qualified for the regional finals.  She’ll be showcasing the dress on 27th Feb at the live event, with the 70 other qualifiers, in the largest theatre in Ireland.


Please VOTE !

This is public voting week.  The scores from the public vote count towards the final scores.


You can vote every day this week.


She’s up against the Irish schools.  Very tough to compete with them for votes as they’re very organised!  Kiera is currently in the top 15, but we’d like to see her do even better!

Provisional Prelim Timetable v0.3

Please find below a link to the provisional prelim timetable v0.3.  This version is to allow pupils to provide feedback.  At this time we do not anticipate any coincident exams, but a small number of pupils do have two subjects on the same day.  This was been unavoidable, but every effort has been made to minimise the pupils affected by this.

2020 Prelim Timetable v 0-3 (Provisional) Subject to changes on the basis of feedback.



Locker Applications are now open to all year groups

All students are now invited to request a locker for session 2018-19 via the new online form.

Please note that we would ask S1 and S2 pupils to request bottom row lockers and S3 and S4 pupils to request middle row lockers, unless you are particularly tall for your year!

Once you receive a confirmation email, show this to a Janitor or Mr Gardner to have your new locker combination reset.

Any pupil who is not yet aware of their candidate number should ask any of their teachers who will be able to look this up.








2019-20 Locker requests

Volunteers from S5 and S6 wanted.

We are trailing a new paperless system for requesting lockers.  Any current S5 or S6 pupil who knows their candidate number is welcome to make a request using the form linked to below


Test Locker Request form by clicking here


This will be opened briefly, then closed down for evaluation after a few students have made requests.  Any allocations made during the testing phase will be your allocated locker for the session.


Don’t Panic! SQA Post Results Service (Marking Reviews)

Parents of our new S5 and S6 pupils have been issued with an email containing an important and urgent information regarding the SQA Post Results Service.  The post results service is the replacement to what would have once been called the ‘appeals service.

For pupils who have left school this letter (and accompanying form) can be downloaded from the school blog by clicking here.  Printed copies of the form are available from campus reception.

Please note that the SQA set a tight deadline for the school processing requests, so please contact the school as soon as possible if you wish us to explore a possible marking review.  Once students have completed their section of the form, they should be passed to the relevant class teacher who will make returns to the school’s SQA coordinator by 12 noon on the 26 August 2019.

2019 Post Results Service Enquiry Form

Additional information on the SQA Results Service can be found here.

Another win for ‘Team Alford’?

This a win with a difference however.  Yesterday was the 2019 Alford Netball Challenge which saw a select group of staff take on our pupil netball teams.  All matches were close fought, but in the end… and we can’t quite believe we did it…. the staff won, by one point.  We are very proud of our pupil netball teams, and we thank you all for being such great sports!  A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers who have faithfully invested so much of their time in developing the teams.

Watersports Trip 2019 – Photos

[A Technical problem prevented this post reaching its full audience hence the re-post]
Here are some highlights from our Watersports Trip.  All pupils who were on this trip are invited along to a slideshow of photos in the theatre this Friday at lunch (7th June).  Bring along a pen drive so copies can be made to take home to parents.


Free Sleep Support Line

Sleep Scotland’s free Sleep Support Line provides on-the-spot guidance to parents and guardians struggling with their children’s and teenagers’ sleep problems. This includes, but is not limited to, mainstream, or typically developing, children and teenagers, who previously could not access our services. The line gives all families living in Scotland access to free support from Sleep Scotland’s experienced sleep counsellors, thanks to a grant from The Big Lottery Fund Scotland and the Scottish Government. Parents and carers will be able to seek tailored advice on sleep for their children, from sleepless toddlers to teenagers dealing with exam-stress and the distractions of social media. To access this support, parents, carers, or teenagers should contact us on 0800 138 6565, Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm. If you are unable to call during those times, or require an alternative to using the telephone, please email us at and we will arrange an alternative. BSL users can contact the service using contactSCOTLAND-BSL.