Course Choice Information

Course Choice Information

Senior Phase Course Choice


Please find below videos and information explaining some of the different courses available for pupils.

Faculty of English

Advanced Higher English

Higher English

National 5 English

Faculty of PE and Health

Higher Physical Education

National Physical Education

Referee Course

NPA Sports Development

Faculty of Science

Higher Biology

Higher Chemistry

National 4, National 5 Chemistry

National 5 Physics

National 4 Science



BGE Courses

Faculty of PE

S3 Curriculum for Excellence Physical Education

Faculty of Humanities

S3 History

Infographic History

S3 Modern Studies


Infographic Modern Studies


Infographic RMPS

S3 Geography

Infographic Geography

S1 Social Subjects Leaflet

Faculty of Science

S3 Biology

S3 Chemistry

S3 Physics

S3 Lab Skills

Faculty of Business and Digital Education

S3 Business Management, Administration and IT, Computing Science and Cyber Security

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